Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Candle Orders

As I have been busy doing other things
the candle orders have been coming in.

Here is my candle to do list:

1 Apple Cinnamon Tea- for my friend Judy

1 large hurricane cinnamon bun (tan) - send to Vanessa in Missouri

1 Apple Cinnamon jar - for my Mother-in-law

1 Mulberry Spice 8 oz jar refill - from the Christmas fundraiser

1 10 oz - Scent unknown - for a current fundraiser

3 assorted glassware refills from my Amish Friends

Anybody want to place an order while I am making these?
Price is 50 cents per ounce, (soy or gel) plus $1 for the container. So you choose the size you want and add a dollar. US Shipping is a flat $5 for the first piece then $2 each after that in the same order. That is the easiest. Sometimes I'll win...most times you win... on the shipping. International shipping will be actual cost.

I have 8 oz or 12 oz canning style jars...metal daisy lids...New, cute Labels...Thanks Miss Paula!

9 oz hexagon jars with silver daisy lids...

8 oz frosted bulb jars...not the love tag...unless you ask for it...I have new tags. They are a surprise...think more Victorian.

16 oz frosted terrace jars - no picture yet...but it has 2 wicks

teacups - flat $15 each - unless you send me your favorite cup and then it is 50 cents per ounce. If I choose the cup the design will vary.

coke glasses - flat $5.00 each

..and more...need a quantity for retail? We have special rates for that...

Have a great day!

We are eating out tonight at a tourist stop, Good and Plenty. They offer great specials on the off season. It is Chelsea's fav! They serve family style and lots of it. Self control...I'll be telling myself that I should have this... all day, today.


kara & jack's mom said...

Hey, Becky,
I will take a coke candle as well... this will make a great birthday gift for a family friend's teenage daughter. I don't need it until April so no rush... thanks and happy candle making to you! Judy

Tracy said...

Your candles are wonderful, Becky! That love candle is so sweet and the Coke one is such fun! That's quite an order list you've got--you'll be busy. Good & Plenty...hope you had good & plenty while you were there. I've not been there in years! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Kim said...

I love your candles- Especially the the Coke ones. Good luck with sales!

Becky K. said...

Got that! Thanks!

Tracy and Kim,
Thanks for your kind words.

Becky K.