Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thwarted Celebration Goes on...

The day was grey...

What is normally a cheerful view from our front window was,
depending on your perspective, gray and gloomy,
or a great day to spend inside hovering in the kitchen cooking.

I chose the latter.

So, as the rain fell in buckets outside,
stripping away more of our topsoil as it
tumbled in rivulets
down the hillside,
I hummed and puttered around in anticipation
of the return of Warren's Mother
from a two week cruise.
Knowing that she would have no
food in the house I expected that she
would be happy to join us for a
welcome home celebration.

I decided that the menu of the evening
should be homemade meatballs and spaghetti with
salad and texas garlic toast.
I mixed and baked the meatballs early
and then set them on their mission to
flavor the sauce in the crock pot.

While they were beginning to fill
the house with that unmistakable saucy fragrance
I moved into the Dining room to set a pretty table.
A newly acquired tablecloth was pressed into service
which then due to its color theme necessitated
the use of dishes stored away for special occasions.

Out came my favorite centerpiece base, The cake platter,
and then came the candles and an angel gift from a friend.

Some springy silk flowers were recruited to drive the gray away...
It was a cheerful table.

When my mother heard of the plans underway
she volunteered to make the salad and we were
all ready to hear stories of a trip of a lifetime
through the Panama Canal.

As dinnertime approached
there was no sight of Georgia.
Warren attempted to reach her on her cell phone
but was put straight to her voice mail.

We had no choice but to go ahead and eat.

It was scrumptious!

We missed Georgia.

It was not fun removing her
place setting from the table...
I did keep it close...
just in case...

It was not until the middle of our
Small Group Bible Study that the phone
rang. It was Georgia reporting that
Finally she was on a bus leaving the
Philadelphia Airport after a couple of
hour flight delay.

The poor dear was exhausted.

We did not see her until this morning
when we created another opportunity to
celebrate by enjoying Brunch at a local
restaurant, Lapps.

Seeing the joy on Georgia's face
was so wonderful after the past three years
of suffering that she has endured in losing
her husband after a long illness.

So, rather than considering last evening's
dinner a failure...
I would consider it the pre-party
to today's celebration.

I wonder what we should celebrate next.
Celebrations are simply delightful!


Gayla said...

What a beautiful table. It was a great party, and I'm sure you enjoyed the guest of honor the next day as well. Great attitude. Yeah, it is hard, but we just have to keep things in perspective.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Your table is very pretty...I must say you are very brave using such a beautiful tablecloth when serving spaghetti and sauce!! LOL
Glad your MIL made it in safe and sound although there was a delay.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty table. Someday I will do that!!

Your weather picture looks like our weather today!! Rainy and cold (not your kind of cold)!! Just hope it doesn't rain on Tuesday so people will vote!

Alicia said...

What a beautiful table! I love celebrations too Becky! What is there not to celebrate?! haha

Mrs. Rabe said...

Sounds wonderful!

I am glad that Georgia came home filled with happiness and joy.

It sounds like an amazing trip!

Where is she off to next?

daisyaday said...

Lovely table. And what a plus that you went ahead and had a pre-party celebration anyway! Anytime you can have a nice meal with family and good friends is a time to celebrate.

I love the dinnerware. What a pretty pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Terri and Bob said...

That is a pretty table. I agree wit Robin about being brace!! That is what the Tide stain stick is for, right?

Anonymous said...

I can imagine sitting at your table ready to partake of a spaghetti and meatball supper. The flavors melded with just the right amount of garlic and oregano in the sauce. I'll add a tich of parmesan or romano (whichever is on hand is fine with my taste buds) and dig in. Oh, but salad first..or with..and Texas Garlic Toast. Dearie, it's just all too wonderful for words. YUM.

I hope Warren's mother is rested after her cruise. My mother in law did the same cruise last year I think. Incredible.

Tracy said...

Your table is beautiful! A gathering, at any time is a wonderful thing. Glad all went well though. Your photos are lovely. Happy Days ((HUGS))