Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oh Be Careful Little Tongue

I have two neighbors that read this blog.

Every now and then one of them will comment on
something I have written.
Usually it is to share how it effected them.

Yesterday, one called in concern about something
I had written and could she have somehow offended
Bless her heart! No!!!!

I appreciate her tender spirit and loving gesture
of wanting to make sure that all was well
between us.

Our conversation, however, did make me think.

This gift of blogging is really
the same as talking.

My fingers act as my tongue.

Most of you do not know me personally
and so are not in a position to call me
up and clarify what I meant, nor will you
be as likely to think it is about you.

However, I am made freshly aware that as
I should be careful what I say in "Real
life" so should I watch what my fingers
are posting here.

Keep the comments coming that is the only
way I have to know if you are "getting" me
or not.

Feel free to email me if you want something
clarified further or simply want to chat.
I love getting your emails.
My address is on the sidebar.

I'd appreciate your continued prayers for the
pain. It has not stopped and is getting to
the point that I will likely be calling the
doctor next week to see what the next step
should be. I don't think that I should wait
until the end of the month for my next



Anonymous said...

You are okay on this end. I guess I didn't understand...

My pain is back to square one. They say this can happen! UGH!

Becky K. said...

Oh Miss Paula,
I am so sorry for your back pain!

Take care...

Are you overdoing it? That is what everyone always asks I get to ask

Becky K.