Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For the Mommies....

Mommies have power.

We have the power to
shape our world.

We can change the course
of history...

One household at a time.

We have been given a great
and marvelous responsibiity...
to care for our homes
and raise up our children
in the Way they should go.

It is the Mother who is sharing
her values with that toddler
as he learns to be respectful.

It is the Mother who models
forgiveness as her little one
breaks that precious vase.

It is Mommy who models love and
respect for Daddy.
Through her every action
reinforcing the
relationship between
father and child.

It is Mommy who snuggles and
cuddles when things are scary in
this world.
She reassures that,
in God's hand,
all will be fine.

Mother has the power to build
up confidence in a young person.

She also has the power to take
that confidence away.

We, my dear mommy friends,
are preparing the next generation
of our world.

What are you doing
with your power

Let's teach these young people
what is right and wrong.
Yes, there are absolutes!!!!

Let's comfort and genuinely care
about our young people
when they hurt...
And they do sometimes.

Let's come alongside them
in their dreams and goals.
We have the power
to make or break their
confidence by our responses
and expectations.

Let's treat them with respect
and expect the same from them.

Lets raise solid, strong
adults who know what
they believe
and why...

Adults who know
the Word,
and are students
of it.

Who know the value
of a dollar...
and the dangers of

Adults who wish to
get involved in
the world around them
in a positive way.

Adults who minister to
the hurting they see
around them with

This is not too much
to ask.
This is possible by
or maybe reclaiming...
the power given to
us as mothers.

We are shaping our world.

One Child at a time!


Hummingbird Chats said...

I love the poem, it is so true. I think you have a beauitful blog, and your banner really catchthe eye. Katie

Mrs. Rabe said...

Amen Becky!

The Power of a Mother, oh that we may wield that power wisely!

Thanks friend!

Alicia said...

I am not a mommy yet, but this is beautiful and full of truth Becky! I look at some parents in my class and think "what are you doing?" Parents are so powerful and as I have studied and seen in others around me, childhood through young adults years can make or break a person. Thanks for reminding parents out there!

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful. I am so proud or you Christian mothers. I have learned so much from my daughter, I wish I could go back and raise my children knowing what I know today. You all encouragemy heart. I am thankful God has placed you in my life.

Ma phidas

Miss Paula said...

While I have been Hawaii I have read a Yada Yada Prayer Group book (I would recommend)In the book one character was praying for the holy spirit to work in the life of another. As a mother, this week, even though I have been on vacation I have been in prayer that the Holy Spirit will speak to my daughter this week in her situation. As mom's we have that opportunity to pray!!

Becky K. said...

Miss Paula,
I am still with you in this prayer journey.
I know, it is hard to watch your child learn hard life lessons.

Ma Phidas,
You are very, very special to me. You are an awesome Grandma to some very special young people! Grandparents have a huge part to play in the raising of the next generation...if they step up to the challenge...and you do!

Mrs. Rabe,
You know it!

You are so far ahead of the game by watching and learning now. You are the primary influencer in some of those children's lives that you teach. You will be a great Mommy. I'll bet it is not too soon to begin praying for the little ones that God may bless you with in the future.

Hummingbird Chats (Katie),
It is so nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and please do come again.

Blessings All,
Becky K.