Friday, February 8, 2008

Where did the Hymns go?

My music class had a hymn sing
and I had invited the boys and girls to
wear fancy hats and ties if they so wished.

It was fun to see how many took me up
on that offer.

The sad thing to me was that most
of the children were very unfamiliar with
the hymns.

The looks on their faces as I began talking
about the Hymnal and the prospect of this
thing we were about to do could only be described as

The joy of it was that once they understood
that they were choosing the songs and then
we were singing them together, they really
got into it.

I believe that even with the instruction about
hymns and some examples of how to read a hymn
they got to sing parts of at least ten hymns of
their own choosing in our 45 minute class.

I will be doing more with this musical genre.
I cannot wait to tell them the stories behind some
of our most familiar hymns.

I found a web site that does a neat job
in telling those stories.
It is Hymn Story Net.

I hope that you will join me in encouraging our
younger generation to appreciate the beauty
and the content found in the Hymns of the Faith.

A few of the kids came up
to me afterward and
told me how much they liked the class.
Kids can appreciate this music
when it is presented positively and
with careful preparation.

Blessings on your Day!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Becky..I can honestly say that I moved and pleasantly surprised when I hear children sing DD's Choir class sang a few last year in a performance and it was just lovely...
Good for you!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I love good hymns! I also love good praise and worship! We try to take opportunities to teach our children hymns, so that the precious heritage of some of them will pass on to the next generation!

We like both of Amy Grant's Hymn cds.

SweetAnnee said...

I love old hyms!!
We still sing them in church
and they comfort me!!
lovingly, Deena

Miss Paula said...

We will sometimes sing a couple. I always find where the hymn's come from in my Bible!! I will be reading and say, "Hey, that's a song!!!"

Alicia said...

Becky I absolutely LOVE hymns! I think they have a lot of great guidance. The one I really like is "It is well with my soul." I posted about this a while back, but this one also has a realy great story of strength behind it!