Sunday, February 17, 2008

Post #199 - The Giveaway Begins on Monday

Hi All!

What a weekend!
It was full.
It was good.

Chelsea and I spent Saturday
out together shopping.
I was looking for goodies
for the Giveaway that begins tomorrow.

We happened to go to El Rodeo while
we were out and I had some awesome
I'm good now...
for a while.

Mark Lowry was great!
He is effortless in his ability
to be funny.
At the same time he really ministered
as he spoke about his motorcycle accident
and the resulting severely shattered leg.

He related that the things that happen to
us in life may not be what we want,
but they are what we need...
from the Heavenly Father's
So true!

Lord Song performed The Lord's Prayer acapella
and I nearly died from happiness at the harmonies
and clarity of thier tone.
Momma Mia! They are awesome!

Things are brewing on the church front.
If anything becomes definite I'll
let you know.
I am excited about the possibilities.

Well, I am so tired but I wanted to get on
here and say hello.

I'll be posting the giveaway tomorrow and then
on Tuesday I plan to show you some goodies
I received from a very dear bloggy friend.

This is serious now, I am planning my posts in


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Alicia said...

Hi Becky! Sounds like you had a full but fun weekend--I also love Lordsong, I would have loved to hear it!! I cant wait to see all of your goodies! I will be watching! I also post things in advance on my blog and just save them for later in the week...I do this cuz of school sometimes! Its easier to run and post rather than have to think and post while trying to get to school haha!