Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Painting Project

Well, I did get to paint some yesterday.

This will not be a new career.

It is kind of fun, though.

I like that I can paint and then
wash it off if I don't like it.
Originally, I just had big bold flowers
outlined in the bronze color against the
white plate. But I wanted to see what would
happen if I added a creamy wash over the whole thing.

I baked the plate as it was originally and then
added the color wash.

After that I went back over it with the outline
color again. It kind of gave it depth.

Then I messed the whole thing up by adding the
making squiggles is fun!
That delicate little brush
leaving a trail...
Oh well!

In both cases I was using larger brushes and making larger flowers than I am comfortable with. One of these flowers pleased me...the other two...not so much!
All of you real artists out there have nothing
to fear from me...
but even regular non-artist
types can enjoy the creative process...
from time to time.

This is similar to the plate that won me a ribbon at the fair.

Only the flowers were centered...sigh! I made a few of these
so I am not sure exactly which one I entered in the fair.
Don't you just love the shape of the plate?
I use these to put my teacup candles on or to serve wrapped candy.
I never put food directly on these paints
I don't think it would be a good thing.

Have a glorious day.
Paint something... if you get the chance!

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Anonymous said...

Great therapy!! Your painting is very nice!! What special paints do you use??