Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We might get snow!

The forecast is calling for a
90 percent chance of snow today!

So far this year we have been just north
or south of every major snow storm.

I'll be running to the dairy
this morning to get milk.

Just in case!

Thankfully Mom is home safely!
I appreciated all of your kind
comments about her accident.

I guess getting out of State College
wasn't good.
They still had many icy patches
on the roads yesterday.

On a different subject...if you get a chance
click on this link to Judy's Post - The Letter.

Loving history and family as I do
this post struck such a chord with me.
I hope you like it too and let Judy know.

China Painting:

I am hoping to pull out my paints
and a plate or two and do some
artsy expression later today...
when school is finished and the
kids are out in the snow.

If I do anything worthwhile I will
show you tomorrow.
I won a ribbon at the fair for a
piece I painted two years ago and while
there probably weren't that many other
painted pieces it makes me wonder what
I am capable of creating.

I spent some time looking at Etsy last
evening and was wondering if
I might like doing
something with that.
We will see...

If you are snowed in or bored and
looking for more to read...ha...
I have been posting at my other blog.

Mrs. Rabe and I have been slow to get this
one really going but I think there are
some things there that are worthwhile.

Yesterday, Jonathan cracked me up with his
Poe-ish Poem about The Birds.
We had quite an infestation of starlings that
kept distracting from our schoolwork.
They, in fact, became Jonathan's schoolwork.

Have a good one!


Terri and Bob said...

We are getting snow and its not even in the forecast! It is a beautiful, slowly falling, gently piling up, snow!

Anonymous said...

No snow here. I am in shorts and a t-shirt today. I think I will take my Bible Study homework out on the porch in a few minutes!! Wish I could send some warmth over to you!

Alicia said...

Snow!? How fun! I hope you get some! Here in Ca it is 82 degrees today! Kinda hard teaching my kids about winter?!