Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your sweet well wishes.
I feel the love!

Mom has been so amazing bringing in dinner
a very delicious stew with biscuits on top,
last night and
helping out with the kids.
She has also helped get
Mikey back and forth to work.
She helped me finish hanging the border
in the bathroom today.
Thanks so much, Mom!
I am so glad you live close!

The pain is some better today on tylenol.

It is, however, still extremely bothersome and so I
am attempting to pace myself on the various projects that
I so want and need to have done.

At this minute I am taking a small break from writing
a silly opera for my music class tomorrow. It is going along
with the already crazy theme that I have going this semester regarding
Prince Bob and his fair land of music and Greased Pig Catching.

I told you it was silly.

I'll post the opera lesson when it is finished with the
rest of the craziness over at Homeschooling at Hospitality Lane.

I have a very strange mind. It seems to be very well matched up
with 4th to 6th grade boys. They find me amusing...scary!

This will be the third lesson of the ten week
semester and I am having the
time of my life! No where else can
I make such a fool of
and actually be popular for it!

So, tomorrow will find me in my bright pink
bathrobe and curlers
with dramatic makeup as we
"prepare" to "perform" this Opera for Prince Bob...
I, Matilda,
of course, am the soprano Diva
who is the most important part of the Opera!

Immediately following this class I will be returning to my
prim and proper self, ha!, and taking Mikey to a Doctor Appointment.
My fear is that I will miss a curler or some of the makeup...
I don't think the doctor would understand!

Then home to prepare for the return of my
dear husband from his
very long time away on business.
If the weather cooperates he will be
here in time for dinner,
that is supper here in Lancaster County.

We have missed him.

We will share a pork (this has absolutely nothing to do with the pigs in music class, I promise!) and sauerkraut dinner with my Mom and
a friend from church. Then we will watch the season premiere of Lost.

Any Lost fans reading this? I do not know if we will watch it all
season. Sometimes over the past year we nearly stopped but we are
curious as to what the writers are up to.

Well, this is a truly strange post!
I am only on Tylenol, I promise!!!!

Thanks, again for all of the well wishes. I'll be back to reading your blogs very soon!
For now, back to the opera!


Anonymous said...

Greased Pig Catching. Intriguing, at best. ;o) Looking forward to reading this. oh boy.

Glad you're a bit (even a teensy bit) better today. I'm praying.

My hubby is gone, too. He'll be back Saturday afternoon. He's missed. Although I must admit, making the bed is so much easier with just one person...and a short one at that...who seemingly remains in one position all night. ;o)

Anonymous said...


El and I are *into* it, yes. Season premier is tonight, right? uh oh. We're going to be having supper with some folks away from home. They don't watch it. We're in trouble. Oh dear. Oh. Dear. El's not gonna be thrilled. Oh. Dear.

Becky K. said...

Lost is Tomorrow night, I think! This is what we were planning on.
Becky K.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh My!! I missed your last post and I was wondering what happened??

I hope you are feeling better! I read in your prev. post that you had your gall bladder out last year...I did's always something isn't it?? Remember to rest!

Scott said...

Can't wait for the opera. Please perform and aria at my gala, please!

And have you seen the 8:15 summary of LOST on YouTube or anywhere? So funny and smart. Like you.

Becky K. said...

Robin - Having my gall bladder out was the best thing! Instant pain relief!!!
Scott- Singing!
About Lost - I hate knowing anything about what is going to happen in the show.
Real Life? I've got to know absolutely all available data!!!
Becky K.

Anonymous said...

I was being so silly last Saturday night while we played "Scene It" that Robert asked if I was taking anything more than Ibuprofen!!!

We can be silly and it is OKAY!!