Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A very good Evening...

Last evening our Countywide Homeschool Organization Presented a Workshop for parents and teens. Our speakers were Steve and Ethan Demme who travel extensively and speak on relationships in the family. It turns out that the Demme's live in the Lancaster Area and were very much looking forward to offering their speaking gifts to the local homeschool community. You can read about the content of their talk at Homeschooling at Hospitality Lane.

They were excellent. I had warned Jonathan and Mikey to be on their best behavior since Warren and I are currently the Presidents of the Board of the sponsoring organization. Our term is nearly over and we want to go out on a good note...not slouching, mad faced boys attitudes, etc.
As soon as I said it I flashed back to my time growing up as the Preacher's Kid. There were just certain things expected that not everyone else had to live by...I did not like that and here I was doing it to our boys. Sigh...

I don't think I would have needed to give that admonition. From the moment Steve Demme took the podium he had the attention of everyone in the room. He was good! I could not resist taking a peek out of the corner of my eye at the boys when certain things were said...they were right there...
getting it!

After the talk we headed to McDonalds where the fun continued. The Grandmas were with us and I think sometimes they just have to shake their heads at the conversations we have and the fun we can have together.
I KNOW they cannot get over how many double cheeseburgers the boys can eat!
It was a blast. Grandma Ruth told a couple of stories from her
younger years that had Mikey wishing he had been there to hang out with
"Young" Grandma! Too funny!

When we got home the kids did not want the fun to end.
We hung out and chatted for a little while and finally were all
headed to bed just before midnight.
Chelsea commented that it was a fun night.
Yeahhhh....this from the same kids who did not
understand why they had to go to a workshop!
Very good!

Being a family is a good thing.
It makes the hard times worth while!

To find the Demmes you can go to their web site at
www.thefamilythatstaystogether.org .


BittersweetPunkin said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening...I bet they liked the double cheeseburgers the best! God Bless the dollar menu!

Anonymous said...

I like that God Bless the Dollar Menu!! I think too the dollar section at Target!!!

Sounds like your son is doing better. Is this a true statement???

Becky K. said...

Thanks for asking about Mikey, Paula.

Mikey seems to be in an ok place right now. We are watching him closely and enjoying the time we spend with him.

He is such a sweet kid and so much fun that it hurts so much when he hurts.

Hopefully, the worst of that is over with the passing of that relationship and no further contact from that friend lately.


KJ said...

Hi Becky! I love the parlor music! Nothing like ragtime, that's for sure!

I enjoyed your sharing. I'm the oldest in my family and there were certainly responsibilities that fell on me that never touched my brothers. I can only imagine what was expected of a PK. My parents never went to church—just dropped us off. So, you can see that I had an entirely different situation.

Blessings, KJ

Alicia said...

Sounds like a great evening Becky!! I second Paula on the one dollar section at Target! I love good deals! Sounds like your children got some great info from that workshop...thats great!!

Scott said...

So refreshing to hear proof that teens can enjoy their families!

I hear you on the preacher's kid stuff. More may have been expected, but not any more than SHOULD be expected of all kids, really, i think.