Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Fest!

Creekside Cottage was the host
for our First Annual Church
Fall Fest.

New traditions!

It was so much fun!

Now, I have to say that with two
of my best homeschooling friends,
and their families, now attending
the church, I have been a bit uptight.

I guess there is a fear that combining
these two worlds could lead to stress
or problems in one or the other.

I am finally beginning to breathe a bit
easier and it is just so fun to be with
these gals and their families in a worship
and fellowship setting.

The new families that we are getting to
know just fit in so well. I love Kelly, Duane
and their boys, and could not have hand
picked a better suiting family for the church.
Kelly is a worker bee and has already lifted my
load considerably!

There are others but they are not in this blog
world yet so I will leave it that it is wonderful
to see the growth in our church that is so
obviously orchestrated by the Lord.
He IS good!
His Mercies are new every day!

Anyway, back to last night...Mrs. Rabe will have
better pictures but here is one that Warren
snapped while we were at the you
can see, especially if you click on the picture,
there were hot dogs being prepared...

Those are the Moms, Warren's and Mine, doing some "cooking" here.
They are sharing the fire with Mr. Rabe...who made this fire.
It was great...although it seemed to have it in for a few people
who had to keep moving to stay away from the smoke.

You should have seen some of the burnt offerings that the kids made...
"Yummy!"...she says with a disturbed look on her face...

Mrs. Rabe got some really fun shots of the kids bobbing for apples.
I am very sure she will share.

The weather was just perfect and the skies were clear for
the astronomers among us. The huge telescope came out
and I was shown a smudge that was "something"...If I had
been paying more attention I could tell you what it was
more than something about Andromeda.

Warren got these couple of scary pictures...

and these fun ones of the two Emily's.

It is one of the best things about a family integrated church...
being there to watch your kids interact.
To enjoy their fellowship with each other.
To learn and grow together.

I made a dip that I found on Lisa's Cranberry Flats Blog.
This is a link!
It was a hit!
So awesome!
The best is easy and quick.

My day yesterday was crazy and I was thankful
to be able to pull off a hot dish!
Thanks Lisa!

Well, I will be a nervous wreck today as
Warren and Mikey are going on a bit of a
dirt bike adventure about two hours away.


I hope all of their bones stay intact and
that all goes well.

Peace...calm...Romans 8:28....Peace...

I'll be kept busy running Jonathan and Chelsea to
work at different hours, practicing music, making the
bulletin and cleaning up around here.

Blessings on your weekend!

Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

I will post the photo's after I run the kids to work!

It was a great night! So much fun!

Thanks for the link to the recipe -it was yummy!

Ronda said...

Oh it sounds like ya'll had such a good time. How wonderful. The taco dip sounds just fab.
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

I like how I can go from Blog to Blog to enjoy the Harvest!! Looks like Denny was in the picture too!

Next year???? We could start a collection for poor Miss P...

Alicia said...

Cute pics!!!