Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Think I Know Where My Camera Is....

I searched this house high and low all day yesterday....

I ran to the church to see if it was there...
actually I went twice,
the first time I did not have the key...Arggghhhhh!

The second time,
no camera.

I came home and made myself remember Saturday.
Frankly this weekend was a blur.
After the concert, I was just so tired that
I could not remember.

Then it struck me!
The Saturday Evening Concert with Greater Vision.
I took the camera with the car...
but it was raining when we got there and we had
to park at the far end of the lot so I walked in
quickly without the camera.

Mom's car is the last place I remember seeing my
dear, sweet, faithful, creative camera.

This should be an easy thing to check on, wouldn't
you think?
Mom is is South Carolina and her car is sitting in an
airport parking lot.
She comes home today so there is hope that we will be camera and me.

Alas, I have become terribly attached to that little
piece of equipment. I have thought of many things that
I wish to photograph while it has been missing.

On the upside?

Everywhere I looked for the camera some small
cleaning and sorting took place. I now have
a lot less piles of junk mail and old projects
than were here this time last week.

Ahem...silver lining????

Well, today is our last day of Homeschool
Co-op for this semester and I am dreaming up
a fun ending for my silly 4-6th graders.

Or should I say silly ending for my
fun 4-6th graders.

Oh my....

Becky K.


Terri and Bob said...

Oh dear, do you think the dear Lord wanted you to deal with the little piles in the house? Hmm. Isn't it interesting?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! In a parking lot? Well let's hope that is where it is. But you got some work done so all is good!

You are a silly girl!

Karen said...

Oh, that is frustrating. Hope it is with your mom and returned to you soon.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It's nice to discover yours-I'm enjoying looking around.

The cardboard fireplace is great!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Becky!

It is totally amazing just how attached we have become to our cameras! Especially we as bloggers, and Moms who look for those perfect little Kodac Moments!:o

Last day of homeschooling, I just know you will come up with something quite special for kids! By the way what a beautiful award your last post! Congratulations it sure is a pretty one! Have a beautiful coming weekend!



Carol said...

Bless your heart, that is so frustrating! Hope your camera is in your mom's car.
Carol ;0)

Ronda said...

You are to funny my sweet friend.
I hope ur camera turns up in ur moms car, and that ur silly little one's have a fun day.
Be silly and funny, maybe it will rub off on someone who needs a good dose of it. ~~grin~~
Love & Prayers,