Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Cat and A Fox

You may remember Beaux.

I brought him home from Mrs. Rabe's
house...his name was Charlie then.

I gave him to my Mother-in-law, Georgia
for an afternoon visitation to see if
she could love him.

She was so angry with me.

Now she calls him Beaux and loves him
very much!

This is the same kitty who nearly destroyed
our house by "spraying" everywhere.
However, he has been to the vet and has
been "snipped" so no more spraying.

Bottom line? He is a great cat.
We love him now.

Anyway...we came home yesterday to a very
odd sight.

In the field, across the street was Beaux
and a large red fox.

Amazingly enough, Beaux was chasing the fox,
then stopping. The fox would run a little bit
and then stop also. It looked for all the world
like a game. We watched for about five minutes while
Jonathan ran to get Grandma Georgia then called to
Beaux. He ran to us no worse for the wear.

We have to wonder about this fox.

It has already eaten one of our neighbor's roosters.

It has been seen all throughout our neighborhood in
broad daylight for the last week or so. It doesn't
appear to be sick. was definitely playing with Beaux...not trying to
hurt him.


Any ideas?

I have temporarily misplaced my camera so I was not
able to get any pictures of this strange event.

That just kills me!!!!

Warren had Monday and Tuesday off. He cut down about
five small to medium trees, went bowling with us, and took
Mikey to get his driver's permit. Pretty busy two days.
Today he has to get back to work...and so do we.
I'll miss having him around. But, we just cannot give
up that paycheck yet. There was much "talk" about moving
into the mountains and starting an Internet business so
he could go cut trees any time he wants...but it was just
"talk". Chelsea would have a "small cow" if we were to move
anywhere now...not to mention the two Grandmas that so recently
moved into our little development. Nope! We are stuck...he will
work...and he will like it!

Have a good one!

Becky K.


Terri and Bob said...

Do you not have the funniest things happening to you??? A fox and a cat?? Do you think he was just "playing with his food?"

Have a good day!

lady jane said...

The fox and the cat. Sounds like a book in the making! What fun little chapters you could write. I'm serious!

Mrs. Rabe said...

That is so interesting about Beaux and the fox. Be careful about rabies. This is not normal activity for a fox.

The only other option could be that he was a "pet" for a while and doesn't know how to be a fox, and that might explain his comfortableness with Beaux!

Elijah's Mommy said...

That is so funny! Beaux sounds like a great pet.
My sister in law in Northern Ireland has a little terrier that loves to chase the foxes that come around their house.

Anonymous said...

That picture would have been priceless!! Did Mikey get his permit? If so tell him I said Congratulations!!!!

Is the house on the corner still for sale???

Becky K. said...

Mikey got his auto permit but did not pass the test for the cycle permit. As this was the one he cared about he was very, very sad last night.

I took him out in the van a little bit late this morning. That was an event. He will do fine, but driving a vehicle is definitely different than a dirt bike or lawn tractor!

I would so much have loved to have gotten a picture...sigh....

The sign is gone from the yard next door so I don't know what it up.

The one up the hill is still for sale...for sure.

Becky K.