Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being Faithful in the Little Things

Edited to Add today's accomplishments
to bottom of post.

I am challenging myself to something.

I need to slow down.

The merry-go-round has been going too
fast and I need to slow it down and pay
attention to some necessary details.

We have six weeks off from our homeschool
co-op. Of the kids,only Mikey is working right now
so that commuting craziness is done.
I am still in the midst of actual daily
homeschool and candlemaking but those are
responsibilities that I am willing to

My home has been neglected lately as I have
been overcommitted to this and that.
It is time to be faithful in the little
things around here.

So, my commitment to myself and my family
is to take some time and get back to basics.

Of course, this hits at exactly the same time
that Chelsea wants to put up the Christmas tree
but that is fine. We can do both things at once.
It is nice that she wants to help.

It takes a little while to notice but those daily
tasks like dusting, vacuuming and floor mopping
really do make a huge difference in how your
home feels.

There is a fine line between the comfy feeling
of a "lived in" home and a neglected home.
Mine has crossed the line in some areas.

I am discontented here, of late, because of the
lack of attention I have given my poor house.
My house just seems tired.
Do you know what I mean?
It needs to be freshened.

So, I will let you know how it goes.


List a bunch of homeschool books on eBay.
Reorganize the candle mess in the kitchen.
Buy more Vacuum Bags...its a Kirby so this is a chore.
Sort and give away or throw away anything that is not needed.
Clean out the refridgerator.
Mop all hard floors.
Use a spot remover on hallway carpet.
Clear out coat closet of all coats that are too small.
Create a menu for next week and shop accordingly.

That should get me started...don't you think?

It is not being out there in the world doing
great things that will make me great in the
eyes of my children. It is being faithful in
the small things of life that impact them

It also makes for a cozy environment for my ever
patient husband to come home to.

So...I am tear into this list.

Blessings on your day!

Becky K.

O.k. so here is what I got done...

1. Listed 5 auctions of Homeschool material on eBay.
I have about 10 more auctions to list.

2. Freecycled 3 bags of outgrown Chelsea clothes
and a set of dishes that were hanging out in the
garage for a yard sale that didn't happen.
They have been picked up already.

3. Talked with two financial clients and did the necessary
things for them.

4. Taught two subjects of school. They worked on their
own for the rest of it today.

5. Let Mikey drive me to his work....yay!

6. Swept the leaves out of the garage.

7. Sorted a huge pile of paperwork that has accumulated
on the chair beside my/our desk. Threw a LOT away.

8. Went back and let Mikey drive me back home...we made it!

9. Made the usual meals and did dishes.

10. Got groceries.

11. Put together the bulletin and all the music for
this week's service. Pastor Mike usually does this...but I
fill in for him once or twice per year if he is away.

12. Made a PowerPoint slide as per Pastor Jack's request.

13. Am heading for bed soon.


kara&jack's mom said...

I SO know how you feel! This is my first day off without the kids being home so I too was challenged by what to tackle first! The fun side of me wants to go Christmas shopping or read all day but the practical/Type A side of me knows I need to catch up on some housework! So, I too, will be cleaning here and there and trying to make my home cleaner and cozier! I will be thinking of you as we clean together, although 3 houses apart from each other!

Ronda said...

Becky...Wow, great post. I applaud you for getting back on track with your home and famiy. I have the same problem from time to time. That is to say, so many other things can so easily get in the way of getting done those things in our homes that should be our first thing attended to.
Keep ur strength up and the give ur self a big pat on the back when ur done.
Love & Prayers,

lady jane said...

I know of what you speak, Becky. There are areas of my home too, that are sorely neglected and others in need of a good basic cleaning. Add three separate ant invasions and you've got a swell situation. hehe. ugh. One thing at a time or we'll be totally and completely overwhelmed.

Slowing down. um. yes. I did this. Kind of. In a way. Sorta. Then I took on another project. What a ditz.

Us Type A ladies need root canals of our *yes* keys. ;o)

Alicia said...

I am so glad Becky that you are going to slow down. I know its hard, because there are so many things you want to do and you want to get done (I am guilty of this too, just as all of us are) , but when we are overly busy, how will we ever hear that small still voice speaking to us? In order to be in tune with God, we must slow down and reflect on His goodness and faithfulness to us. I am glad you have decided to slow down and focus on your family, and through this may you hear that small still voice speaking to you!! Blessings!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Becky, hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your weekend. I appreciate you stopping by.

Jacquelynne said...

I know what you mean- sometimes you can let things go for a while and then it is time to say "when" and just get to it! I love making lists- it helps me organize my time and crossing things off of it is a great motivator!

Terri and Bob said...

What would I do without a list??? I love that you recognized the problem, dealt with it, and will do better in the future! Fabulous!

Mrs. Rabe said...


You are so right!

It is those things we do in our home that have the biggest impact on our kids - they really could care less about the rest!

Let me know if you want help, say rearranging furniture or anything!