Sunday, November 23, 2008

Worship...and a story about cheese...really!

Thank You, Lord
for saving my soul....
Thank You, Lord
for making me whole...
Thank You, Lord
for giving to me...

Thy great salvation so
rich and free!

This is a little chorus that
I learned when I was oh, so young.

It sticks with you.

Very simple.

Yet much truth.

We should give thanks to our Savior.

Our salvation does "make us whole."
It is often said that we have a God-shaped
hole in our hearts that can only be filled
by a relationship with Him.

It is true that this salvation is a gift.
It cannot be earned. There are not enough
good works on this earth to pay for the sin
that we have committed since birth. We came
here sinful...we will leave here sinful people.
Even if there was just one sin committed ever...
it is too much. God abhors sin.
We must accept the gift.

That gift is the acceptance that Jesus Christ
took our place on that cross. He accepted our
punishment as only One who had never sinned could

Remember that the Passover lamb had to be the best,
spotless lamb from the flock. Just so, Christ as our
sacrificial lamb had to be blameless.
Praise the Lord, He was!

This salvation is rich. There is no better prize than
eternal life with Him. None!
Rich...and free.

On a comical note: My son, Mikey loves cheese.
This kid is a cheese expert, I tell you.
The other day I brought home some Borden Pre-sliced
Colby/Jack cheese. He declared it the best cheese
he had ever eaten.
He went on and on about it.
Finally his raving reached
a high point when he said,

"If the streets of heaven were gold because they were
made of cheese, This would be the cheese!!!"

We laughed and it still brings a smile to my face.

This son just gave his testimony two weeks ago.
He knows Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
We, as his parents
are so blessed to know that his salvation was bought
and paid for and that Mikey has seen his need and
accepted that gift.

I love the "heavenly perspective" that came so
quickly to his mind.
Too funny.

By the way...I went back to the store
and bought ten more packages of that cheese.


Enjoy your Sunday...I'll be thinking about you.

Becky K.


Terri and Bob said...

Becky, you are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing that story!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Did he share his testimony at church or Bible Study? If so how did I miss it?

He is one funny guy!

Mishel said...

What a cute story about your son...and a great post!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

I love Mikey's cheese illustration--too cute! As far as his testimony, that's the one thing that disappoints me about church. We miss out on great testimonies because they aren't brought before the whole church, and I understand that it makes it easier for people who aren't comfortable speaking to a large group of people, (I know that my husband would not have wanted to share in front of the whole church, but I think that it also takes the blessing from the rest of the congregation. One thing that I have always loved about church was hearing the testimonies of God's people. They can really touch others and often times one person's testimony can bring another to Christ. Is there any way, we can learn people's testimony, even if they only want to share with a small group?