Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pictures for my Friend, Terri ~ You can peek too!

If you read the comments from the last post you
saw Terri buttering me up with a nice
comment about my writing and then the "order" to
get her some pictures.

I am obedient...and besides I truly did
want to show it off anyway....

Thanks Terri!

Here are some pictures from the church.

I took the camera along tonight as Warren
and I got the last minute cleaning, music,
bulletins and Sunday School stuff ready. So many
little details, I tell you!

Anyway Here we go!

These crazy poles. We are ending up spending a lot of energy on trying to make them less of an eyesore. But this is what we came up with for Christmas. That means that I tore down the grapevines that had been hotglued on just six months ago. I think we will be dreaming about what to do with them after Christmas.

The Advent Wreath and candles. I spent a small fortune on these candles today...but I think they are worth it. Because I found them at the second store I went to and these were the last purple ones in the whole store! I did not want to drive 20 minutes back up the road from which I had just come. We helped a friend move today and I stayed longer than I should have given everything that needed to be done. By the time I got to this store my head was throbbing so badly that all I wanted to do was lie down in a dark again I say...they were worth every penny!

I love this candle hurricane thingy! Just love it. It is very pretty in person. I am finding that glass is not so photogenic. Anyway...I prelit the candle so that I could heat the bottom end to get it to stay upright in the holder. It is very wiggly and that took care of that!
I threw some gold balls in the base of it just to add some sparkle. Mrs. Rabe approved. ((grin))

So many times it is better to keep it simple. While it is tempting to add lots of things to wreaths...sometimes just a pretty ribbon is all it needs.

We are so into these easy phrases. They can come and they can go and there are no marks left on the wall. Me thinks Mrs. Rabe did not think too highly of my little floral arrangement here...but I can live with that... I like it. So bright and cheery. I tell you that in case you don't care for it...wouldn't want you to think Mrs. Rabe had bad taste...nope that is all mine.

Finally, my favorite. This basket is just too pretty!
I wish you could see the details in the glassware nativity.
So nice. Oh well. I am sure you have seen similar things before
so you'll just have to imagine! Very sparkly, indeed.

And a little closer...

Thanks for taking the tour. Since it was pitch black outside I think I will wait to
take a picture of the wreaths out front...and there will be a little blankie coming to cover the "feet" of the Charlie Brown tree I'll try to snap a better shot of them tomorrow...or at least sometime soon.

Thanks for looking.

It was so much fun to hang out with Mrs. Rabe and pretty up the church again.

Have a blessed Sunday!


Kelly said...

Hey Becky, Great Decorations! I happen to like the flowers in the sconce thingy under the words you put on the wall, too, so I guess if you have bad taste so do I. Can't wait to see all of this in person tomorrow.

Alicia said...

Arent those word things so cool?! I love how you can easily put them up and take them down!!

Terri and Bob said...

Oh yes, dreams can come true! I agree with the wreath thing, only a simple ribbon or bow will set off the greenery nicely. I love the wall sconce and saying, I just saw one at Target but it was $16 and I am far too cheap to spend that much!

Churches are so beautiful at Christmas. I don't think the poles are eyesores... can you paint it to look more like marble? If you haven't tried this before, paint the pole the same color as the wall, then paint on "veins" in two or three colors slightly darker than the base coat. Beautiful!

Nicole said...

I love it! You gals did a great job! I have that same little glass nativity scene :)

p.s. the flowers are bright and cheery - I am with you! I love them :)