Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow has hit PA

Edited to add pictures and commentary at bottom of post.

Light as a feather
and whispy white
the snow has landed
oh what a sight.

To open the door
for the puppies
who "had to go" quickly
or else they would freeze.

Lace draped on the branches
of each nearby tree.
Layered on the ground
the kids laughed with glee.

I love it fresh and unspotted.
Alas, Kimmy, with big paw prints,
and little ones from Chloe
have marred it since.

Toodles to Fall~
Hello Winter!
We will do our best to
enjoy your banter.

But couldn't you wait
until Thanksgiving was done
before bringing on snow
and all of its "fun"?

My camera is home!!!! Yay!!! I took these straight away as I returned
from the Dairy where I bought two gallons of milk and my bonus orange drink for one

There was another Fox sighting this morning as Mom's dog Bear chased it
through the fields. Great job, Bear!


Elijah's Mommy said...

I love the snow pictures! It's so beautiful!

Terri and Bob said...

Yeah for your camera!

Your photos are lovely. Don't you just love the first snow?

Phyllis said...

I loved the trees this morning with the snow on the bare branches Wow Also my little pumpkins had a snow hat on. So cute. I love the fresh snow. God is so good to bless us in this way. Great pictures by the way.

Jacquelynne said...

Here in NJ it looked like a winter wonderland this morning, the snow in the trees was just beautiful! But I was really surprised when I woke up this morning- had now idea it was supposed to snow last night!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful snow pictures Becky!! Glad your camera is back!!!

Kelly said...

You told me that I am a good writer. What do you call yourself? This post was great; loved your poetry. You always write well, too.

(I guess you noticed I'm addind lots of comments to your posts today. That's because I've been behind on my visits, and your posts inspire comments.)