Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Love My Country!!!!

I awoke with songs running through
my head...

Oh beautiful for Spacious skies,
for amber waves of grain...

This is my Country,
Land of my Birth!

Oh say, can you see?
From the dawn's early light?
What so proudly we hailed
at the twilight's last gleaming...

Feeling very proud to be an
American today!

Our voting booths will be lined up.
We will have our say.
At the end of the day we, on the
East Coast, will wait and wait for
those of you, on the West Coast, to
complete your priviledge and VOTE!

Tomorrow will dawn and we will still
be America...but with a
new President Elect.
A new day.

Thank you, George W. Bush for
eight years of leadership.
These were eight tough years.
It wasn't easy but I think
History will show you to have been
a focused leader who did what he
knew to be best for this Country that
you love.
You have done all you could
do to keep us safe, you comforted and
cared for us after war was declared on
our soil. You have taken steps to
prevent another such insidious attack.

...Thank You.

America, The land of the free...
and the Home of the brave!

Show your American pride...


Tracy said...

Great post, Becky! I sent my absentee ballot in a month ago...Hard living aboard on a day like today, all the excitement! We'll be glued to the tv tonigh! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I'll be voting too, Becky! Thanks for stopping by..I had to laugh at you noticing aqua now. It gets addicting.

Alicia said...

Great post Becky! I am so proud to be an American too! We are blessed beyond what we can even comprehend. I thank Bush too, being a prez is definitely not a job I envy! It takes courage and strength to do what they do. Thanks for a post that is uplifting!!

Whoever becomes prez, we must lift them up in prayer daily!

Ronda said...

Hi Becky,
I love that song to, and I loved this post. Let's pray for our country all the day long.
Love & Prayers,

Sharon said...

I voted today! I pray for God's perfect will for America today!

God bless you!

Kelly said...

I love this post, Becky. It did my heart good to hear someone say nice things about President Bush. It's been so long since anyone has said anything nice about him. I, too, believe he did his best. Running a country is not easy and sometimes I just wish that these people who spend so much time and effort criticizing those brave enough to face the challenge would have to attempt it, too.

I have learned through running a homeschool co-op that many people criticize those in a leadership position, but if given the opportunity, don't want to do it themselves, and those who do, quickly learn it's not as easy as they thought it was.