Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Integrated Church

The fruits of the labor are beginning
to show themselves in the lives of
our young people.

It has been a bit of a struggle,
I have to be honest.
It goes against the grain to offer
only a family Sunday School,
rather than several age divided classes.
It is also somewhat unusual to not
offer a staffed nursery or Children's

The lack of a Youth Group is hard for some.
I understand where they are coming from...
however, our experiences show this to be
much better for our young ones.

What we have, though, is a church where
the adults and children are together in
praise, worship and fellowship.

Yesterday, I needed to get some photos for the
church web site and I had some volunteers for
some other shots.

Do you know that we have a lot of fun in our
church? Our Pastor is one to really relate
to all of the ages...actually, I am pretty
sure he never really grew up...and that is
a good thing. He loves to talk with the young
people and talk with the children.

So yesterday, when I needed a new picture of Mike
for the web site, Jarod wanted to be "Just Like Mike",
and got behind the pulpit.

I asked him if he wanted to be a pastor when he grew up.
He said "yes!" without any hesitation.
Now, we don't know if the Lord will call him into that
kind of ministry...but we do know that he does not see
Pastoring as a dry and boring job.

At lunch, there was a lot of discussion that was inspired
by one of the teens who was not even with us. Anthony has
been very interested in our Sunday School class on Apologetics
and had been asking Pastor Mike some excellent questions.
These were part of the discussion yesterday.

It blesses my heart to see all of the young people mingling
and playing together. There was an adjustment period for
them to get to know one another....the "old" church teens
and the "new" church teens...but that bridge has been crossed
and they are best of friends now.

We look forward to additional families joining us and the
children in those families being warmly welcomed.

I just received a call from one of the ladies in our church, Ruth,
who has pneumonia...I need to run to the store and pick up
some groceries for her and do a couple of things at her house.

This is also a part of the Body of Christ working together in
times of need.

Last night, another woman took Ruth to the E.R. today I am
blessed to be able to serve. This afternoon another will take
her to a doctor's appointment. Everyone working together.
Helping each other. Ruth, who is now ill, has made many a dinner
for our family after I have had a surgery....or three! It is a
pleasure to get to serve her. This woman has such a heart for service!

I truly hope that you are in a worship situation where you are a
part of the family.

Mike preached yesterday that the church is what the World has to
look at as an example of Heaven. Too many times what the World
would see in our churches would not encourage them in this way.
I hope and pray that God would use Sonrise Christian Fellowship to
create a longing in people's hearts for more of Him and His Word.

Have a great week!

Becky K.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Becky! What a great post...I am so glad your Church is coming along...and I'm glad it's FUN!!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Great post Becky.

My kids are happy there - so are we. Tim will be helping Ruth move on Saturday, probably a couple of kids will too. It is so important for the kids to see their parents and other adults serving each other, in love. Being the hands of Jesus in the world.

I love that they participate with us!

Miss Paula said...

Mike is a blessing that is for sure. I felt very welcome at Sunrise!! We do have a responsibility to the the light that shines in this world of darkness. May His light shine before men in us!

Thanks for the pictures! I love them. It keeps me connected. Everyone can meet Robert when we come!!

And your debater will be coming soon so get ready....!

Lisa said...

This really sounds like a wonderful place. Fellowship is so important. I love all the pictures you post about you life and what is going on.

I am tagging you if you want to play. It's a weird book tag.

Have a great holiday in case I don't get much done after all this. Hug, Lisa

Tracy said...

Bringing everyone together is a fabulous idea...and great for all in the ends with all ages come together. Sometimes it's good going against the grain. ;o) Love your new look here. And hope you & yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week ((HUGS))

Ronda said...

I am so glad to hear that things are coming alog so well at your church, and that the youth and little one's are enjoying themselves and staying connected, enthusiastic and joyful. Keeping our kids in church witha joyful and willing heart is a blessing and quite an accomplishment.
May god continue to bless you, you family and your church.
Oh, and I hope and pray that your Thanksgiving is a wonderfully blessed one.
Love & Prayers,

Kelly said...

Our boys absolutely love Sonrise. We all do and it is working very well for all of us. We are disappointed that we could not be part of the afternoon and the discussion, especially since a lot of it was apparently prompted by Anthony. We always seem to miss something really good when we don't hang around.

Have a great Thanksgiving! See you on Sunday.