Friday, October 31, 2008

Keep Your Chin Up!

These were the last words I
heard my Grandpa say and at
that it was more of a motion
than actual words.
He was too weak.

Grandpa was on his way into a
surgery from which he would
not recover.

My Grandpa was a Pastor,
a business man and a
lot of fun.

Unfortunately, we lived in
Pennsylvania and he was in
Michigan. I didn't know him
that well but I loved to hear
my Mom tell stories about him
from her youth.

Many years, though, we would
make that long trip to the North
and if it was winter he would have
built a large ice rink in his
back yard. Huge! So fun!

Anyway, I thought of that simple
thing he said that means so
"Keep your chin up!"

All over blogworld there is a sense
of doom and sadness. There is an
understandable uncertainty and fear
creeping in.

We don't know what the economy is going
to do...we don't know who will be elected
and what the fallout from that could be...
either way.

The not knowing drives us crazy.

The defenses in our brain kick in
and we try to prepare ourselves for
the worst.

Then we worry...
and fret...

Well, today my advice to myself...
and to you is...

Keep your chin up!

We are not in this alone.

God dwells within the heart of the
Believer and wants to lead us through
these challenges.

Let us act like we Believe that "All things
work together for those, who are the Called...
for our good and His purpose."
Becky's paraphrase of Romans 8:28.

Let us be an example to the world, who is
watching, that we can have a peace and a
joy that is beyond explanation.

Be Prepared.
Be Steadfast in Him.
Be ready to lend a hand
or to speak for Him to those in need.
Be content.

But above all...

Keep your chin UP!

That's from my Grandpa to me... and to you!!!!

With love,

Becky K.


Ronda said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Becky K. Encouragement is always a wonderful thing.
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

I don't know how people of "the world" can go on in this society with the Lord. No hope.

Your words were an encouragement!

Terri and Bob said...

I think you missed your calling girl... looks and sounds like you take after that grandpa of yours. Can't say I have heard a better witness than the one you just gave. Much love,


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Becky! I have sure missed you, it was great to see your comment! :-)

Thanks for the reminder...all things DO work together for good for those of us who place our trust in Him.

Blessings!!!! xoxo


Charm and Grace said...

Loved this post... I hopped over here from Melissa's Inspired Room and am so glad I did!