Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Day

It wasn't much different from
anyone else's with maybe a couple
of exceptions...

1. We smashed our pumpkins!

When I purchased lots of pumpkins for decoration
a couple of months ago I promised Jonathan that he
could smash them when the time came.
Well, the time came!
They were smelly and soft but he had a great time with his
big wooden sword and a sister who was willing to lob the
pumpkins at him. It was funny!

2. We raked leaves and burned them!
Finally! The weather was great for this.

We desperately needed to get this done since
our backyard is full, very full of tall leafy
trees that shed in the fall.

3. We ate right next door at Warren's Mom's house.
We did this one day! Awesome!
After eating the main meal at lunchtime there was
no room, really!

No room for dessert. So I invited
us back in the evening for turkey sandwiches and dessert!
Wasn't that clever of me?

4. After enjoying the dessert we headed downstairs to
the family room where Warren had lit the fireplace and
enjoyed time talking together.

5. We put up the Christmas Tree and decorated it. My
house looks worse than ever. There are boxes of Christmas
decor all through the kitchen and living room. There are
pictures off the walls and a big shelf on my dining room
table. Sigh...I guess it really does have to get worse
before it can get better.

So....finally flipping through channels we came across
an old show, that we hadn't seen for years. It was
Bob Newhart and Mary Frann in Newhart.

That was a great
show. My Brother and his friends used to pretend to be
the three brothers. " Hi, I am Larry, and this is my brother Daryll,
and this is My other brother, Daryll."
We would scream with laughter because they really pulled it off.

Allan and Bev were not with us for Thanksgiving this year but that was kind of a fun way to insert some memories....We will get to be with them for Christmas, however.
I am looking forward to that!

I have enjoyed reading what some of you have written about your Thanksgiving
Day and the preparations you made going into it. I think it would have been
fun to go around the Country and just eat my favs from your menus. Daisy, I would have wanted those light fluffy rolls! Several of you mentioned macaroni and cheese. I had no idea this was popular for Thanksgiving...none! When did that happen? I am so off the main curve! lol

Have a great day! Much to do and a husband who is off work for more tree cutting fun.


Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Sounds good, Becky!

We had a low key day, but that was good...good food, good relaxation.

See you later, gator!

Terri and Bob said...

We do mac and cheese at Thanksgiving, but we also do meatloaf, so don't count us as "in the know~" What a great time, smashing pumpkins and burning leaves... so fall like!

Gotta go out and help bob put up lights, it is 40 out and this may be the warmest day we have to do this!

See you soon!

lady jane said...

Sounds like a way-fun day!

Smashing pumpkins. hehe.

This is Daryl and my other brother Daryl. Bwahaha wheeze. love it!

lady jane said...

Oh. I've never heard of Mac-n-Cheese at Thanksgiving either. What gives?!

Kelly said...

I, too, have never heard of mac and cheese at Thanksgiving.

You just can't have a day without doing some kind of work, can you?

Looks like you also had fun.

See ya Sunday.