Sunday, November 16, 2008

Praise God From Who All Blessings Flow...

We were in a room filled with praise
last evening!

Oh, it was sweet!

I had not heard the Collingsworth Family.
Now, I am a devoted fan. They have talent
just dripping off their bodies.


The harmonies of this family are so very

The girls play violins/fiddles.

They are talented both classically and as

I found this clip of them on YouTube. They
did not sing this song last night but it gives you
an idea of thier talents...wish I could have
gotten all of you there in the room with me.
To hear Kim Collingsworth on the Piano playing
The Hallelujah Chorus was too much wonderful for
the senses!

Greater Vision was as incredible as ever.
I found this clip of "My Name is Lazarus".

This song has such great lyrics!

Nothing compares to Gerald Wolf singing
"A Mighty Fortress".

My Dad got to sing with him once and never forgot
it. Such a highlight in his life.
Daddy had a great voice of his own.
I miss singing with him.

We went to see Greater Vision in October before Daddy died in November of 2005. It was in the very sanctuary that we were in last night. Mom said she has looked back on that night with special memories because Gerald Wolf sang "O Holy Night".
It was their little bit of Christmas that year since Daddy had gone home to be with the Lord before December rolled around.
We never would have guessed!

Sweet and Bittersweet.

Greater Vision has a new Tenor.
He is a sweet young man who can really
belt it out. We were very impressed!

Another Group, Triumphant, was new to us.
We enjoyed them. They have an award winning
pianist who thrilled the audience as he
played on one baby grand while Kim Collingsworth
played another. I think that is an itty bitty
taste of what heaven might be like.

I think that we will have concerts with the best
of the best and then those here who have always
wanted to be the best of the best will be that
good too! Awesome!!!! Makes me so excited to
be in that City of God!!!

I know, it is never as exciting to read about these
things as it was to be there. Maybe next time, I'll
just invite you all to join us.


Have a blessed Lord's Day.

Becky K.

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Terri and Bob said...

The same blessing back to you! I can hear the energy in your voice!