Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Disappointed but Not Surprised

America has spoken,
Come January we will call
Senator Obama, President Obama.

Is is the end of the world?

Will things change?
Most likely.

My biggest concern through this
is to help my children to understand
that this is not a time for fear or
hate. They were so involved in the
process this time. We studied historical
cases of those whose political bents were
the same as President-Elect Obama's so they
are aware of what could happen,
if taken to the extreme.

The job now is to remind them that God is in
control of all things. He will not leave us
or forsake us. Even if laws are passed that
we disagree with morally, or if our rights are
eroded, we serve a great God! HE will be our
help and our strength.

Now on to prettier things...
or should I say...
Regular Programming!

I took this as I stood in our front yard looking
across the street. I just love the colors.
I hope they are half as brilliant for you as they
were for me this couple of days ago.

I closed out one Fundraiser this week and picked
up the candles this woman had as her inventory...
Last night my Mother-in-law talked to some people
and now I have a new one to begin on Saturday.
Whew! Fun!
I am so glad I have that inventory to use as a base
since they are planning to set up a display at a
church for two weeks.

Today I have to complete my, every two years, investment
continuing education. It is a boring, boring time
but is relatively easy. It is a monitored computerized
program. I am allowed three hours to
process the information and pass tests. Often, I am
out of there in just about an hour. I read quickly.
I am thankful for that. Hope this one is speedy too.
It seems like last time there was a lot more reading
and the computer wouldn't go as fast as I was used to.
I love my job...I don't always like all of the requirements
for keeping the licenses.
But who does like absolutely
everything about their employment? Never met anyone yet
who didn't have something that made them crazy.

The kids have a lot of school work to catch up on after
these last couple of weeks. They worked a lot.
If I am correct this is their last week of work for the
season and then they will have to "buckle down".

Makes me look forward to a long snowy winter so that
we can snuggle on the couch with math and reading.

We are currently reading a Mrs. Pollifax book.
She makes me laugh. As a retired widow this
woman was looking for adventure. Her doctor recommended
she pursue something that she has always wanted to do but
was never able to. This, for her, was spying. She wanted
to be a spy. She becomes one. It is so funny. There are
quite a few books in the series.

One of the biggest benefits from reading aloud to the kids,
even at their advanced ages, is their appreciation for new literature.

It pleases me so to see them get into these books and want
more. Mikey has even been reading some on his own. He has
finished one sizable novel and is part way through another.
Finally...after many years of "hating" to read although
when tested he was always on grade level, he just thought
it was boring...well we are changing that one page at a time!

Have a blessed day,
Serve the One who made you.

Becky K.


Ronda said...

Morning Becky,
I feel as you do, God is still in control, and He is still on the Throne. We must pray and trust in Him.
Love & Prayers,

Alicia said...

Hi Becky,
I am not surprised either. I had a feeling and as we were watching all the big electoral states on the east coast go to Obama, I began to realize that this was going to happen. Like you said we must trust God. We still serve a God who saves, who redeems, who forgives. This will never change. Praise God for this!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Becky!

That is the beauty of this whole thing! God is in total and complete control, nothing goes unnoticed by Him. Even when a lonely little sparrow falls from the tree He knows it...nothing goes unseen by Him. Let us pray for our new president, and foremost let us remember who the real King of kings is! :o)



Mrs. Rabe said...

I feel peace - I know God is in control.

I have to laugh though at the pundits who are now sure that he will govern from the middle - hmmmm we will see.

Kelly said...

Your picture is lovely. Also, Mrs. Polifax sounds like a fun read. I will have to check out one of these. There are so many books that I like to read and the boys like to read and that I would like to read out loud to them, we could spend all day everyday doing nothing but reading. But, alas, we must do other things as well.