Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catching up on the Kids...and a dilemma

We now have another person who can
sit behind the wheel of our cars.

Young Mikey has officially begun
gathering 50 hours of on the road
experience over the next six months.

I would have thought that this would
have been very easy for him.

It is a relief to me to see his nerves
and caution. I know that the confidence
is just around the corner and he will
be feeling that soon. I just hope that
he learns enough while he is still
scared to death to avoid the pitfalls
that can so easily snag young,
male drivers.

Jonathan is preparing, in his mind,
for his first ever full time job.
We discussed it over dinner last evening.
I am thankful for his experience at
the maze over the summer and fall for
it built the confidence in him that
he can do a job well. He learned a
lot about submitting to management,
responsibility and dealing with
customers, who must be "right", even when
you have to tell them they are wrong.
That is a hard one to get....for anyone.

I know that there will be the perfect
position out there for Jonathan. I
look forward to seeing what that may be.

He is interested in retail, the arts
or another position in the tourist field.

This is new to us. For him to be planning
ahead for his future without it being pushed
by us.
This is a very good thing.

Chelsea has a strong desire to create,
decorate, cook, bake, sew, knit and talk on
the phone.
She is growing into such a fun young lady.
All she wants for Christmas is a new bed and
all new bedding, etc. She has spent gobs of
time on furniture web sites researching the
bed that she wants. She has narrowed it down
to one style....one bed really, but that one
is way out of our price range. The fun
has begun with Warren and I out there attempting
to find "the one" but with a much better price
tag. I think there is a good possibility that
we can come to a very satisfactory compromise.
Right, Chelsea?

It is interesting raising kids today.

They are very knowledgeable in many subjects.

We enjoy hearing their perspective...most of
the time. Sometimes they are just so honest
about what they think of choices we make...
such as our love for the show 24.
It makes them crazy.
I think it is mostly because it
is the one show that we watch that is very
off limits to them and so we have always made
them go to their rooms when it came on. It
has driven them to despise the show.

They are right in some ways. If it is too
violent, or intense for them why would we
watch it?

I see it two ways.

One, maybe we shouldn't watch the show if it
offends them.

Two, maybe adults should be able to do things
they enjoy and the kids should just submit
and wait to be adults so they
can understand...

I don't know.

I am trying to figure it out this week.

I don't want to send mixed messages about
our standards or what is acceptable.


I guess I am a bit reflective today
since I was up past 1am working on
a candle order and new candle brochure.

Being tired always does that to me.

Have a great day!

Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

The "kids" are growing up! Chelsea has become a dear friend to my Emily.

Check out my blog for an explaination of why we will be away overnight tonight!

Pray for us - traveling mercies, how to encourage the family....

Kelly said...

We also love the show "24" and do not allow our children to watch it, and I, too, have thought a lot about whether we should be watching it or not. However, I have determined that there are some things that the children just need to accept that adults can do that they can't. It works that way all through life. After all, our 13 and 11 year old boys are now allowed to do and watch things that they would not have been allowed to do or watch when they were 6 and 4. It's part of the stages of life that come with maturing and understanding.

Anonymous said...

Oh Becky!! I forwarded your e-mail to my Robert and he said "wow, that is more than we paid for our house!" Then he said this Becky.................
"We'll see!"

Now what is that supposed to mean??? That is the first time he has said, "We'll see!!!!!!"

How about that?

Jacquelynne said...

Raising kids really is challenging, isn't it? I think God allows us to be parents because there is no better way to understand some of the ways of our Heavenly Father- He loves us intensely, He disciplines us, He makes us wait sometimes, He feels our pain...

Lisa said...

I really appreciated this post. You recognize the differences and desires in your children. Some parents don't even take the time to notice. And you know, sometimes there should just be some things off limits on occasion. Maybe they'll appreciate that later.

Becky K. said...

Thanks dear Friends for your encouraging words. I love knowing that you care enough to comment.

Itis also helpful to know that you are going through similar thought processes.

Paula...maybe one day...
How cool would that be. We can dream...sometimes dreams come true!

Becky K.