Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Panel Discussion



Last evening some Moms from our Homeschool
Co-op came out to spend some time in a
question and answer session.

Mrs. Rabe, our friend Susan, and Myself made
up the Panel. That was scary. Actually we have
done this every year for a while now so it wasn't
bad. All of the ladies are so sincere and so sweet.

Having the range of children that I have and am homeschooling
in our home, from willing but challenged, to unwilling but more
than capable, all the way to great involved student....I've
actually built a bit of experience.

Sometimes you have to think about it to realize that.

I get so insecure sometimes in what I know and how I am
going to get that information to the kids.

Will they know enough when they graduate....and all of that.

But, in helping the other ladies last night it became very
obvious that our "homeschool plan" is working and is a
good one. We are taking each child's strengths and weaknesses
into consideration and working within that.

So....while the purpose of the discussion was to help others...
I walked away encouraged as well. Hope they did....lol

I am trying to do much better about posting on Homeschooling at
Hospitality Lane
. For the most part, I don't talk about our day
to day studies here...But, if you are interested you can pop in
over there. Perhaps there will be a little goody that will inspire
an idea or two.

Gotta run...I am off for more Continuing Ed for my Financial
Services Job. Never ending learning....never ending....

Thanks for stopping by....

Becky K.


Ronda said...

Good morning my sweet Becky.
I have something for you over @ my blog. ~grin~
come -n- get it!
Love & Prayers,

lady jane said...

Just so's ya know: I'm still not able to breath through my nose so I'm not lighting any of the lovely candles you sent out - yet. Waiting for when I can fully, completely and with abandon - enjoy the scents of each and every one. I'm not very patient. sigh.

You're swell.

Terri and Bob said...

I think it is good to share our talents! Excellent!

Debbie said...

Glad you enjoyed you time out. Recently a couple of the ladies from the home schooling group at church got to spend time with our Pastor's wife and it was a great time of encouragement.