Friday, November 14, 2008

Goooood Mooorning Blogworld!!!!

This promises to be an exciting day.

First the dress rehearsal.

Then a mini family reunion.

Finally, the main event.

I am pumped!!!!

We got to use the sanctuary yesterday to
acclimate the kids to those conditions.

The risers.

Light in the eyes.

A huge room that swallows up all the sound.

People watching!

As usual, the biggest problem is getting them
to look at the director...whoever that is in
each case. Everyone must think that direction
is for someone else.

The teens who built our cabin backdrop have made
me so proud! I love it! I will take pictures of
it today.

Then there are the 4th-6th grade boys who are doing
a counterpart on the song, Count Your Blessings.
They are sooooooo sweet and adorable as they tuck
their chins to their chests to sing..."Name them
one by one!" I cannot help but grin ear to ear
every time.

My 7-up girls are working very well together and
I know that they will do a nice job. We will take
those nerves and just make them work for us. The
girls sound and look just lovely.

I got to see the preschoolers doing their thing yesterday....
Melts the heart! Yep...I think it is that Poem about
a turkey that puts it over the top. It is called
Funny Bird and it goes like this:

A turkey is a funny bird
Its head goes wobble, wobble,
All it knows is just one word
gobble, gobble, gobble.

Way cute!

Well, I have to run!

Warren's side of the family is coming into town this afternoon for a few
hours so we will be chatting away and eating Georgia's great Lemon Sponge
Pie just hours before the "big event". As if there was not a care in the

Oh, by the way...we had a church bowling event
last was great!

A ton of people.
Lots of laughs.
I bowled very well, for me...138.
No laughing you good bowlers...stop it NOW!

O.k. I am really leaving now....


Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

It was a great night last night!

The program is going to be really good!

I am so thankful for all your hard work Becky!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time tonight and don't worry! Did anyone take pictures last night???

Oh Becky, check out my blog....

Alicia said...

Have fun tonight!! It will be great, you have worked so long and hard on it!! Cant wait to see pics!!