Saturday, November 15, 2008

It was GREAT!!!

The Thanksgiving Concert was so wonderful!

The children and young people were awesome!

If you have been reading here since the concert
last year you may remember that I was much less
confident in the days and hours leading up to it
but that went well too.

I remembered that any time I started to get
jittery. I also decided that we had put our
work into it and by the time last night rolled
around whatever the students did with it was
up to them.

There were "things", of course, that were a little
uncertain, at times. Like one dear choir director who
had an emergency and then walked in to her seat at the
very last minute, literally, before her choir was up to sing.

I was soooooo thankful that she got there in time.

I had prepared the next director to take her class
out of line, but that would have made it look like
we were forgetting the other class and messed up the
lady doing PowerPoint and all of that. But, thanks
be to God, my friend was able to make it in time.

By the way...her choir was great!!!
They are just too cute!

Here are some pictures...

Our fearless leader and her husband welcomed

That would be Mr. and Mrs. Rabe.
They looked great and had a wonderful

That is the fireplace set that the teens
made sitting behind them.

It was a huge hit!

It is made completely from huge sheets of cardboard
that Mikey brought home from work. We then hauled
them into the church where we have co-op.

Pieces were formed each week to build it
and then last week we took it all over to
our church to paint. Emily Rabe and Josh S.
came and helped my guys get that done.

Jonathan designed the stone and I think it
looks great! My artist!

Warren and Mikey made the fire.
It was so cool!

A very young choir.
They were so sweet.
I love those little fluffy dresses.
Chelsea just won't wear them anymore...pout!

Second and third graders as directed by my dear friend, Tamara.
She is the Professional music teacher.
She would intimidate me if she weren't so nice.

My high school girl's ensemble.
Ask anyone...they Rocked!

Their rendition of In Christ Alone was such
a blessing. There were many tears
least that is what I hear....

I love these much!

Then about these monkeys.
The fourth to 6th graders.
Who sang loudest and strongest?
Those boys who "hate to sing!"
Check out those suits!
Brings tears to my eyes just to think
about it. They are such a blessing.

Some of these boys told their parents that they like
thier music class!

Who knew????

I hoped!

I even took up the offer of another Mom who was willing
to join us each week on her free period to be the
"enforcer" so that I could spend my time teaching all
of the students instead of just correcting the resistant ones.
Must have worked. These guys did great!!!!!

It really is a team effort every time there is something
of a success. Never, in a million years, could one person
make something like this happen.

Our family is so blessed to be involved with a group such as
this one.

We are there... because eight years ago I went to a different grocery store,
a half hour from our home, on a day that Robin was there too.
In the line directly in front of us...she gave the invitation
to check it out. What a lovely stroke of.....Providence!!!!

"Come Ye Thankful People Come...
Raise the song of Harvest Home!"

I am ready for Thanksgiving now!!!

Oh Yes!!!

Have a great day.

The Moms and I are headed to a Greater Vision concert tonight
after I get some cleaning done around here, the bulletin made,
candles boxed and ready to go be displayed on our way, practice
music with Pastor Mike and anything else that "pops up"!

Becky K.


Elijah's Mommy said...

Wow, they looked wonderful! Great pictures. The fire place was very creative. I'm so glad it all went so well.

Alicia said...

Wow Becky it all looks great!! That one song, "A Turkey is A Funny Bird...." we sing that at preschool! Everything sounds like it went so well, all your hard work payed off!! Now you can sit back and relax for a while, take a breather!!!

Terri and Bob said...

Adorable Becky! I am so enamored by any effort made by children! You sing to my heart on this one!

Jacquelynne said...

Aren't they cute- children always (well, usually!) bring such joy don't they? So sweet...

Mrs. Rabe said...


It was wonderful!

People were so encouraged and blessed to see the children singing and praising God and remember the hymns of thanksgiving!

Well, done friend, well done!

KJ said...

What sweet memories these are! I keep looking at my children and how fast they are growing up. I find myself cherishing every little thing, enjoying things more, hoping I will never forget...

By the way... I recently burned the teacup soy candle that you sent me. I used it for the funeral of a very lovely and hospitable Italian woman. Everyone thought that it was real tea and it smelled amazing!

You gifted lady, you!

Hugs, KJ