Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Mrs Rabe and I met at the church
yesterday to do some decoratin'!

What fun that was. I was on a ladder
reaching into the ceiling to place the
greens, ribbon and sparkly ribbon.

It was good that Miss Emily found the
ladder because just before that I was
on a little bench and had just about
decided to put a step stool on top of
that to be able to reach. Ahem...I think
that would have been a very bad idea.
Thank you Emily!

Deanna, (Mrs Rabe), brought her bow maker
and made beautiful bows for the huge wreaths
that are now hanging on the stone columns
outside. We were going to hang the wreaths
on the doors but we could not easily do that.
I noticed big nails in the columns and we chose
to go the easy way there.

We got the Advent wreath all set up...I just
need to remember to buy the candles. The base
of the table that the Advent wreath is on was
bright red. The cloth for that table is now
a burgundy...we used to have a red one...I spray
painted the base a pretty bronze color. Less than
five minutes and it looked sooooooo much better!

I did not have my camera with me...silly me. But,
I am going back over today to clean, practice my
music and all of that I will take some

There is a pretty basket on the welcome table that
is filled with pretty ornaments, apples, lights,
and greens. Deanna made a bow for this basket, as
well. It might be my favorite in the whole place.
So it was there that I placed Mary, Joseph and
Baby Jesus made of leaded crystal. Gorgeous!

We also wrapped greens and ribbon around the stair
rail in the area where we set up our breakfast. It
looks so pretty. I love a decorated stairway!

I know we will decorate preparation for the
ladies tea on the 15th. But this was a great start.
I welcome any time to fellowship with friends!

How are you doing with decorating this year?
Are you "into" it or just getting it done?

Maybe if you are struggling with it you could invite
a friend over and share the task. Suddenly it is


Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

I was fun! I hope everyone will like it - it is really just a few touches here and there, but with the white lights it is so pretty.

Terri and Bob said...

Where are the pictures??? I think your writing is divine, but I know you found that camera of yours so I wanna see pictures!

Nicole said...

It sounds wonderful!!!! I love the season of Advent and my family and I are decorating our house this weekend.

I just love reading your posts on this one and the homeschool one :) Have a good day!

Alicia said...

Sounds fun! I love to decorate, Ryan and I are going to decorate our home sometime this weekend!