Monday, November 3, 2008

A Week of Significance

It has been said...
and said...
and said again
that Tuesday is Election Day.

We will go and do our part,
having a say in the future of
The United States of America.

No matter the outcome roughly
half of us will be disappointed.

Our reactions will vary from mildly
agitated to very troubled and upset.

You know, of course, that I am of the
opinion that, for the morality of this
Country, John McCain is the better choice.
Senator Obama is as far to the left of liberal
as you can get but somehow has managed to
keep from espousing most of his true views.
He has, however, managed to make people believe that he truly
was stupid enough to attend a church for twenty years
without understanding the message being preached...
somehow it is ok then, that he should be President.

Mr. Obama has said in his very own words that he
wants to "Spread the wealth around." Since when has
that ever encouraged economic growth?
The Soviet Union?

He wants to raise taxes on the moneymakers of America.
After all, they have plenty...right?

He wants to increase taxes on small businesses...because
things are so easy for them already...

He wants to mandate health insurance from employer to
employee...with fines for resistance...that resistance
will then come in the form of cut jobs. Small businesses
are most often running so close to the breaking point
that this would finish many of them off.
These small companies
are the heartbeat of our economy.

Back to the issues of morality...

Has no desire to stop the murder of pre-born babies.
He does not recognize it as murder.

Would not have a problem with legalizing gay marriage.

He will appoint Judges to Federal and the Supreme Courts who
feel the same way.

I have not heard his stand on homeschooling but fear it...
for most of the positions he holds are ultimately
anti-family and pro-government.

He wants bigger government...I want smaller.

He wants more control in my life...I say "get out!".

Mrs. Obama wrote a dissertation in college about the supremacy
of the black race. Maybe she has changed her mind about this.
I hope so.
The Bible says
"All men are created in the image and likeness of God."
I would feel so much better if Mrs. Obama had said she was
young and misguided in her college days...didn't hear anything
from her on the subject.

I am not confident that Senator Obama would have
Israel's best interests at heart.
I have received no such reassurances.
Iran would be delighted
for the opportunity to find an
American President unwilling to defend Israel.
That would surely cause a major international incident
that would make Iraq look like child's play!
And he thinks that is expensive!

John McCain is my choice.

He would fight to stop abortion. He said, "Life begins at the moment
of conception." That was the right answer!

He would seek to find Judges to interpret the Constitution,
literally, as the writers intended...not socially as is the
newest trend.

He will not penalize Americans for making money.

He will not make a Federal law supporting gay marriage.

John McCain will be the better option for Commander in Chief.
Our troops would be greatly relieved...many would vote for
him if they would get the ballots...but for the last couple
of elections they have not been given that opportunity, for
the most part. I heard this first from one who had been in
active duty for the last election and then it began to surface
on the news...Our troops votes are not being counted!

Not voting in this election equals a vote for the other side...
whichever it is. I will tell you that most often it is the
conservative, religious right, as they like to call them that
get up on their moral high horses and find some issue that they
cannot agree with and therefore will not vote.

I want, so much, for you to understand that you are voting if you
do this. You are voting for Senator Obama. It is the far less evil
to vote for someone you may have a disagreement with than to allow
our Country to continue down a much more slippery slope into liberalism
and Socialistic Processes.

This election may well be closer than the media would have you think.

I truly believe that when people are in the voting booth and they have
to make a choice...many will go with the "safer" choice. John McCain
is that choice. This will bring those numbers to dead even. Your vote
will make a difference!!!

Please vote.

Make your voice heard.

Tell your friends and make sure they take the time to get to the
voting booth.

Also remember, the local and state elections are important too.
Make sure you know what the people in your area stand for.

There is a prediction that the Democrats will get more National
Seats in this election. What are you going to do to help or hinder


Won't those of you who disagree with me be so glad when this election is done?

I know...thanks for bearing with me...I love you even if you disagree...
That is why I love this Country and hope that it will stay one in which
we may freely disagree and not fear holding one opinion or the other. to get the kids started on their day of school, Dr. and Dentist appointments, work and so much more....


Becky K.


Evan said...

Why should I vote for one system I disagree with just to block another system I disagree with?

Alicia said...

Great post Becky. The thought of Obama supporting abortion just makes me sick to my stomach, literally. Even with all that could happen, we must remember that GOD IS IN CONTROL!! Tomorrow will be an interesting day, but I pray and pray that Christians would take the Lord with them to the polls, if you get what I mean. This is what we have been praying for in our morning devotions at school.

Becky K. said...


Thanks for asking! Human lives are at stake. I can take a ditched economy and all of the other things that may come...but to continue to allow innocent unborn children to die needlessly is just wrong.

The family unit established for us in the Bible is also being redesigned and we will soon lose the knowledge of what it means to be one man and one woman married to each other...and together raising children.

The examples we have from the Bible of other times this happened involved a huge survivors...then Sodom and get my point.

This is important. There are things at stake that make us choose the best choice we are given sometimes. It is not a matter of compromise. It is a matter of who you are going to give that vote to.

Can't wait to discuss some heavy stuff when you are here over the holidays if you are so inclined. I like that you are a "thinker".

Becky K.

Anonymous said...

Good post Becky. Here is CA we have the Marriage Prop to vote on, YES ON 8! I watched this morning, a sign for YES was on the city's section of grass in front of our house. A dude pulled up, got out, bent the sign up and threw it into his trunk! Someone stole my sign in front of my house too the other day and my neighbors. We can't even exert our rights here. YES ON 8!!!! Keep watch on this. Even though we DID vote on this a few years back and a judge thinks he can just come in and change. I want Ellen's marriage to end!! I don't feel sory for her one bit. Her salvation, yes. Marrital status, NO!

Evan said...

Granted. However if you look at the flip side. There are humans losing their lives in Iraq.

I believe that abortion and marriage are not and should never be federal government issues. That just creates bigger government.

Both sides support extending the Patriot Act, which is blatant elimination of personal freedoms.

They both support NAFTA and the National ID card. I don't know where Obama stands but McCain supports a Super Port (Along the lines of a Rotterdam type port run mostly by robots) down in Mexico, along with the NAFTA Super highway. Which is a blatant attempt to outsource my job.

This is why I am and will always be a supporter of Ron Paul. As such I will be voting for the candidate he endorses.

Becky K. said...

Ahhh Evan,

I get it! There was something I did not know...always is...anyway,
you could be negatively impacted by a McCain Presidency. That always puts us in a negative state of mind toward one.

I would definitely not compare lives lost in war to abortion. Very different situations. Both are horrible...but very different.

I had not heard about the Port Deal. I'll have to check that out so that if the need arises I'll know how to speak to my Congressmen. It is always a good idea to let them know your opinion. Not many people do this so every voice counts a lot.

Who is Ron Paul backing?

Becky K.

Evan said...

Ron Paul is backing Chuck Baldwin of the Constitutionalist Party.

My mom was saying that you thought I was upset. Don't worry I just like to debate. I am not upset or anything. Just explaining my stance.

Becky K. said...

Same here, Evan. I am glad we can debate!

I guess I caught the debate "bug" when I was young and my Dad would have other Pastors into our house for revivals or whatever and they would stay up late, late debating this or that. For sport!

Have an awesome day...I just got back from voting.

Becky K.

evan said...

OK I have to admit something. I had to call a last minute audible. It turns out that for some crazy reason Chuck Baldwin was not on the California ballot. It may be because nobody ever heard of him. So instead I voted for Bob Barr.

Becky K. said...

You are so funny. I am sorry if you don't mean to be but that made me laugh. Thanks for the fun debate.

Becky K.