Saturday, November 22, 2008

Breakfast, Yummy for Dinner!

With the snow and the ice yesterday
it seemed a good day for comfort

I had found a huge bag of Johnsonville
sausage crumbles at our local Amish grocery.

They are flash frozen, precooked pieces of
sausage. Just wonderful for stuffing, omelets
or, in my case, a huge egg casserole.

I did that old recipe of bread on the bottom,
layered with nearly two dozen scrambled eggs and
milk, the sausage and cheddar cheese layered on top.

I had added some salt and freshly ground pepper to
the egg mixture before pouring it on.

This combination was a hit.

Then...served with this casserole:

Pillsbury chocolate twists,
Orange sweet rolls,
sauteed onions in butter,
Georgia's Canned Peaches,
Chelsea's Still-warm applesauce,
and toast.

Orange Juice and Coffee to drink.

It was a wonderful meal that hit
the spot on an evening where the
roads were impossible because of
the ice.

Poor Pastor Mike, who intended to
be with us just for dinner and then
all of us off to Small Group, stumbled
in late and declared the roads terrible.

He had passed accidents and slid all
around. No Small Group.

Finally, hours later a cinder truck went up
our hill and we knew the main roads had to be
better. We are always last for the road treatment.

So...last evening at 9:15pm we began watching
We are Marshall. I love that movie. It was by
my request. So, why was it then that by 10:15 I
could not keep my eyes open and had to just give
up and go to bed?

I'm blaming breakfast for dinner!
Just too comforting.


lady jane said...

Oh my goodness, a feast fit for a king! Sounds really delicious - can you share the recipe? :o)

Sorry to hear about the ice. We don't have that problem where I am but we sure have fog danger.

Mrs. Rabe said...


Sounds so good Becky!

We were glad to stay in last night. Bible study, jammies early, treats, knitting...

Tim had to work early this morning so he was grateful for an early night!

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Rabe said...

By the way,

I like your background. This one is very soothing and makes for easy reading!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, my mouth is just watering reading about your meal...especially the home fries!! YUM!!

Terri and Bob said...

Yummo. I will have to try this when we get snow!

daisy said...

Wowza! I've been reading your blog on bloglines, but I've missed out on how beautiful your blog is. It's gorgeous! Love the colors, the background, the header photo, love it all! Nice redo.

And the meal sounds terrific. You're makin' me hungry!

Elijah's Mommy said...

What a wonderful meal! I love having breakfast for dinner!

Kelly said...

Wow -- a smorgasbord! Sounds fabulous, we'll have to try that. We used to have breakfast for dinner once a week because we rarely have time for a large breakfast on any of our mornings, and the great large cooked breakfasts are a big hit with all of us.