Monday, April 7, 2008

Sonrise Christian Fellowship

Ta-Dah! This is the new name of our church.
We will go forward remembering that the Son rose
and lives today, preparing a wonderful eternal home
for those who believe on His Name for salvation!

This name was mentioned in passing as we enjoyed our
first Sunrise Service. It caught on! That was such
a good day that we can remember always through the

We knew we wanted Fellowship in the name
because we excel at this. We enjoy being together
so much. It is a community of believers.
And always...there is food!

We don't think we could have made it in the
desert with Jesus as he fasted for forty days!
We seem to need food at nearly every event we have.

Sad... but true!

Now, to some past-due business.
Remember that I received the book Fallen
from Daisy some time ago?

I read it, enjoyed it, and am ready to pass it
off to one of you. Simply comment on this post
and mention that you want to be entered in the
drawing for this book and I will choose a winner
tomorrow (Tuesday Morning).

This book is really about what goes on in the
hearts and minds of men. It is written from one
man's perspective regarding a concern about his pastor.

Today I visit two doctors.
Hopefully I will begin to firm up the
plans for this upcoming surgery.

Neither of these Docs are the surgeon but
are necessary steps along the way.

Mom will be working with the kids on their
schoolwork and teaching them how to fill out
forms such as checks and job applications.

It is so great to have her nearby!

Blessings on your busy day.


Tracy said...

Very great name for your church--very inpiring! Hope all goes well with your doctor appointments...will be thinking of you. :o) Sorry so slow getting round to visit, we've been having computer problems for some day and now finally online properly again! Happy week, my friend

Alicia said...

What a great name! I really like it! It sounds very warm and inviting for others. Hope your day is going well!!!

Anonymous said...

Great name. It's like a new baby, a new name!!! Well congratulations!!

Thanks for your prayers Becky!

SweetAnnee said...

I love the name for your church
tis awesome.

I know about the's the same at our
church..we love breaking bread!!

fondly, deena