Tuesday, April 8, 2008


While my pain is getting worse
I am very encouraged that we are on a right
course for getting it resolved.

Yesterday, I had a 35 minute drive to a
specialist's office. I was so close to
tears as I prayed that I would be allowed
to speak to someone who would be willing
to spend more than five minutes with me.

The Physician's Assistant must have been
directly working with my case for more than
an hour. She listened, she documented, she reviewed
notes from a couple of years ago. Then she went and
consulted with the doctor because she said I am becoming
"complex". (She's not the first to think that! - lol)
She confirmed that my plan for a
second opinion is a good one. I needed to hear that!

I don't know the last time a doctor's office
made me feel that time wasn't ticking!

Answered prayer!

I went to my second appointment and that doctor
is my regular family physician.
He came into the room and immediately cracked
a joke. It just set the tone for an easier time
of talking about these things that are just so hard.

This doctor had only good things to say about the
doctor I will see for the second opinion. Isn't that

I was so thankful for both of these appointments.

Someone was praying....THANK YOU!

About the book giveaway...either no one really
wants the book or they just didn't follow the
directions to say to enter them, however, based
on what I know about the three who commented on
yesterday's post I want to send the book to
Miss Paula. I think she would enjoy it the most.

So, Miss Paula, I need you to email me
with your address so I can work on another weakness...
getting things to the post office!

Surprise Visitors...Mrs. Rabe and her
nearly grown daughter, Lindsay, stopped by
yesterday to retrieve something.
I begged them to come in and
chat for a few minutes.

They did!!!!

Made my day!

Their timing was great too.

I was just about to fill the dishwasher
so I got to delay that chore by about
a half an hour...not to mention that
had they come much earlier they would not
have found me home.

I am so glad they came by!

I know I say it all of the time...
but I love my friends!


kara & jack's mom said...

Yeah, Becky, I am so happy that your doctors treated your case with patience, knowledge and a little bit of humor! (That always helps!) Keep us updated on their recommended course of treatment. It was so good to see Chelsea last night... she and Kara had a ball. I was busy cleaning in the basement but I could hear their giggles through the house. Have a most wonderful day! Judy

Elijah's Mommy said...

I'm so glad the doc. apointments went well for you and that they took the time to listen to what you were saying!
Hopefully you'll be able to get some help. To be in pain all the time must be incredibly hard.
I like the new name of your church. It sounds very inviting and welcoming.

Mrs. Rabe said...

We love you too Becky!

I was so glad to hear that you were encouraged about your appointments.

We had fun talking with Mikey as well. He is growing - he will be a very good man one day!

Anonymous said...

It looks like there is light at the end of your tunnel. That is a great feeling!!

It sounds like God knew you needed a visit with Dee and Lindsay!! Isn't it great that we serve a God who know's how to best meet our needs???

On my sidebar there is a site for Lisa Hurwitz. She has a new sketch up. It is a gal, it looks like she is drinking tea with dishes piled up behind her. This goes along with your visit yesterday and the dishwasher. Check it out, it is a sweet picture.

Thanks for the book!! I will send along an address!!

SweetAnnee said...

Becky..totally awesome doctors!! It is so hard to find one who talks, listens and doesn't rush you out.
I hope the second doctor is great like your Dr says!!
Please let me know what they say!!

and so fun to have friends come and make our day!!
I'm so glad you have a dishwasher too!
LOL, I don't it's a bummer latley.

I'll check back, but I have my not comment. Chemo brain is making it hard for me think straight when
hugs to you and Chelsea..

Alicia said...

I am so glad that your doctors visit went so well! God knows all doesnt He?! He takes care of us all the time! I will pray that you will soon get answers and that the pain will subside!

Kim said...

God is so good!
It is so hard when we must place our trust in fallible man. We can often leave with the feeling that we are just number 7 in their long list of people that must be seen before they can go home.
Once we found out how true this was. I usually took my son for his appointments, but this one day my husband did. It was five minutes into the meeting (and almost over)with the doctor before he spoke to "me" and was shocked when a male voice answered. He had never even looked up from his desk to greet his patient. That was the last appointment we ever had with that doctor or at that office.
But, we are truly in God's infallible hands at all times.

Becky K. said...

Thank you, Ladies, for your kind words of encouragement.

Kim, that is so horrible...that the doctor never looked up to see that it was your husband. Insane!

I am very thankful for the way God answered prayer on Monday!

I appreciate your prayers as I wade through this time.

Becky K.