Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Porch Sitters...

Miss Paula is attempting to snatch
my title as "Friendship Ambassador to the World".
She has initiated a focus on "Porch Sitting".

Been a while since you were a "Porch Sitter"?

Miss Paula is inviting you to join her and put this picture
on your blog to call others to become porch sitters.

Reckoning back to those great days of yesteryear when we took
the time to sit and chat. Waving at the neighbors as they pass
by. Welcoming the walker to a time of rest and fellowship...
and maybe a glass of icy cold lemonade.

My Great Aunt and Uncle had a swing on their porch and
my brother and I used to love to go visit them and sit
in that swing. It looked just like this except there
was some peeling paint and there was a vine
of some sort growing behind it.

Remember that, Allan?
Aunt Marg and Uncle Bert.
That was a long time ago.

Well, I have a deck that I can sit on.

I love to take the kids out there to do school
on those beautiful sunny days in the Spring before it
gets too hot.


Anonymous said...

Just a nice friendly "snatch"!!!

Deck sitting is of course part of the Porch Sitting!!! It is the same except you can't always wave to neighbor's. But if you are shooing flies away, it will look like you're waving to someone!!!

jane said...

I have an itty bitty porch but it fits a small table and 2 chairs. I find myself out there from time to time but it's rare anyone walks by except for Ben and his dog Samson. Ben (about 35 years old) was badly hurt in an auto accident in his early 20's - his brain and body were affected. He and his dog walk the circle 10 times a day, a little over 8 miles a day. Each time he passes he strikes up the same conversation as before, not remembering what he's already discussed. He's a good guy and thinks he's my husband's twin. For 9 years we've told him we eat breakfast at 12 noon, lunch at 6pm and dinner at midnight. To keep the story going we tell our friends to say the same thing. They do. It used to puzzle Ben until I messed up my meals and times and told the truth. sigh. Don't feel sorry for Ben though...he's a kidder from the word 'go' and can dish it out as good as he takes it in. He's wonderful. Ben is my porch visitor.

jane said...

Man alive. I wrote an epic but realize it's a good bloggie post for the near future, plus more about Ben. ;o)

Tracy said...

Lovely photo to encourage the porch sitting...I wish my porch looked that good--hopefully this will be the year to spruce it up! Happy Sitting, Becky ;o) ((HUGS))

Sisterlisa said...

ahhhh the days of the front porch. I look forward to that again when our house is built. Right now it's an unpleasant view of my neighbor's driveway. :P lol