Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jen's Pottery Den

Today Shelley and I took
Jonathan and Chelsea to
Jen's Pottery Den.

This is the same place the
kids and I went at the beginning
of the school year and made their
early civilization projects for

Last evening I was showing these
projects to Shelley and it occurred
to me how much fun it would be to
go back and actually do a project
ourselves. I wasn't even really
planning on taking the kids.

Wouldn't you know they wanted to go!

Mikey had to be at work before we could
possibly be back or he would have gone too.

He was a bit disappointed, I think!

We got there and chose our projects:

Jonathan saw the potential in this penguin...

Chelsea loved the personality she could give this puppy!

Shelley decided to make her kitty a food bowl:

I was informed that this vase was "me"...I went with it.
Shelley knows me pretty well.

We worked diligently on our projects...

Then I asked permission to take some pictures for the blog.
Jen, the owner of this business, is so sweet!
She is one of the most enthusiastic people
I have ever met.
So encouraging!
She agreed that it would be fine to
introduce all of you to her wonderful
Some of the pottery options to choose from.

Chelsea and Jen...

I'll have to take pictures of the finished products.
They had to remain at the Pottery Den to be fired.
I'll be picking them up sometime toward the end of
next week.

While we were there and discussing the blog,
Shelley said that she wanted to go to "that
little town that you featured on the blog."

Lititz! This is a link to the second post I did about Lititz. The first store featured was Shelley's favorite.

So after an enjoyable lunch at Hoss's,
near the Lancaster Airport we were off
to Historic Lititz.

We spent two hours poking around the neat
little shops and had cold drinks
in the Cafe looking out over the busy
street and sidewalk.

There is now one more person who will
look forward to returning to Lititz.

There is something magical about this
sweet town.

We then had to make our way home rather
quickly to prepare for small group Bible
Study here tonight. It was a nice group
that showed up and a very nice time was had
learning, singing, praising and praying

Have a great Saturday...I will be off to some yard
sales and other adventures. More pictures

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Alicia said...

These are so fun Becky!! We have a few by our place and it turns out to be a great time! Both my sister and I have done bday parties at places like these!