Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Favorite Lurkers and a Question for Blogfriends...

Yesterday I learned that some of my co-op
students are reading this blog.
Hey girls!
Love Ya!

That is one thing about writing a blog
you are only anonymous to a certain
percentage of your readership.

It is so strange to have people that I
know come up and comment on something I
have written and I think, "Oh my goodness,
they know so much about us because of this
that they would never know otherwise."
Or, "I had no clue you read the blog!"

I am very glad that my friends are reading
here, it is just a bit of a new experience.

It reminds me that although for most I am
just words and pictures...for some it is more

I now stop and think sometimes, "Will she think
this is about her?"
You know?

Have you experienced this?
How does it effect
the way you blog?

Just curious...


jane said...

I know what you mean. Some fellow hs'rs and their daughters read my blog.

Once I learned that some family members were reading my (old) blog I became a bit paranoid. Now they can't find me ... yet.

Mrs. Rabe said...

I know what you mean Becky.

Around the New Year, a neighbor came to look at the puppies. She made the confession (her words) that she reads my blog and loved how the house was decorated! She found my blog from another website I occassion, she lurks there, recognized the name, saw pictures of my picket fence and new it was me! She is a delightful woman but it made me realize that I must guard what I share with "the blogosphere. Especially after what happened to our deal mutual friend Jane.

Anonymous said...

I just blog as me. My thoughts, my family and I share about the Lord. What you see it me. So no regrets afterwards. I think you do too!!

People at church do read. I comment to them about something on theirs and the same to me. All in fun!!

Alicia said...

I do have to say sometimes it is a little weird! But what I do on my blog is me, just like Paula. I do know what you mean though! I really do monitor what I say, as in where people are going etc. I try not to ever give out exact details of dates and locations. I definitely watch that for protection! You just never know who may be reading... a bit scary I might add!