Thursday, April 17, 2008

Luncheon Fun!

I had a delightful luncheon with Mrs. Rabe
from Creekside Cottage.
We met at the Cracker Barrel,
amazingly arriving at virtually the same time
from opposite directions.

I enjoyed a cheddar bacon burger,
eating it open-faced with fork and knife,
leaving the top bun.
It is just too

Mrs. Rabe loves their
grilled chicken tenderloin salad.

We had an interesting server who
apparently could not stand to have
anything out of order on our table.
She picked up even the smallest piece
of straw wrapper, leaving our table
completely clean. She even swept under
our table while we were still sitting
at it. Hmmm...wonder if we overstayed
our welcome. This server also stopped filling
our glasses after the first refill.
Again I say, Hmmm...

Well, I would do it again.
When Mrs. Rabe and I get together we
could just talk non-stop for hours...
and we did!

I looked at the BLT salad on the menu
to keep that three letter theme going,
from my last post...but I just don't like to
get into a rut. :-)

We thought of Miss Paula, Gathering of Friends,
who will be crossing this huge country to visit this summer
as we walked onto the "Front Porch" of the restaurant.

This is why:

Isn't it something that we will have to do, Paula?

Sit on this Front Porch.

Mrs. Rabe and I are waving to you...
well, she is waving
you can see me holding the camera up.
You can see the reflection of the
American Music Theatre in the

Have a great day, everyone.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh, I needed that time out yesterday, Becky! It was so much fun.

The pictures turned out great!

Anonymous said...

Oh you betcha I will be on that porch!!!
Chicken n Dumplings, carrots, corn bread!!! Plus the rocking chairs on the porch!!
There is a house by me that has two of CB rockers on the front porch. Do you know who has her eyes on them???

Thanks for the pictures. Isn't it fun to have a reason to take funny pictures!!

lady jane said...

Make mine chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, 2 servings of green beans. yum. The "i think i died and went to heaven" kind of yum.

I posted about Cracker Barrel on Mrs. Rabe's blog...I can't remember (I'm ancient, remember) what I wrote but it was about food and us chickies.