Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Trial/Challenge for Georgia

Saturday, Shelley and I returned from
"the hunt".
We had been to many, many
yard sales.
There were quite a few bargains
to be found. Probably the best was a
set of Pfaltzgraff Stoneware...16 dinner plates,
serving bowls, mixing bowls, casserole dish,
salt and pepper, napkin holder, cereal bowls...and more!
All for $20.00.
Shelley was looking for just such a set. This was
better than she could have imagined!
While it wasn't the exact pattern she wanted
how could she pass this up. So, we loaded the
5 boxes of dishes into the car and considered it
the equivalent to a hunter's 6 point buck!

We came home all excited and wanted to ask
Georgia about another item that she would have
information about...we drove directly to her
driveway and went in chattering and happy.

Georgia let us do this and as we finally
paused in our conversation she directed us
to the back yard where there appeared to be
a problem.

Water was bubbling up from the ground.

Not good!

I quickly got Warren on the phone.
As he is still away on business,
there was no way to have him take care
of this one in person.
He talked me through turning the well pump off
and turning off the water.

We tried to figure out what was wrong.

It is definitely related to the well because
when the proper switches were turned the water
ceased it's spontaneous attempt at creating
a water feature in Georgia's back yard.

Our neighbors Ellen and Jim got involved
at one point.

This picture shows some of the process of beginning
to dig. We all took turns.

Ellen would not give up!
She really went to town digging and then
she and I broke the well cap getting it off.

There were many, many
roots to cut through. We have a theory that this
pipe was broken when a tree in the vicinity was cut
down and the stump was ground up in
15 - 20 degree weather.
Most likely the plastic
pipe could not withstand the
vibrations it had to endure.
We believe that this pipe
has been leaking for a while now.
What a shame.
My Mother-in-law did not need this!
She is not a happy camper!

We were not successful in digging to
the pipe and will need
to get a backhoe in here Monday or Tuesday.
However, after
much effort, I went to stand up
and slid into the hole that we had
managed to dig.
My dear friends Shelley and Ellen found it
very funny to see me lying on the ground.
I was laughing hysterically and could not get up.
They took these pictures and made me promise
to post them.

If you look closely you will see that I am on the
phone. I am sooo good! I did not drop the phone when
I fell nor did I even get hurt...which is pretty amazing
given the tools that were all around and the shovel that I
landed on.

So, Ellen and Shelley.
I truly hope you are happy.
This is humiliating!

I had mulch everywhere!
Too funny!

Sorry Georgia!
We will get it fixed!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh I do hope everything got straightened up with the leak....that could be nasty indeed.

So many bloggers are showing their yardsale / flea market finds but things have not really started here in my neck of the woods...the weather is still nasty.

I'm glad to hear you did not get hurt!

Miss Paula said...

Well at least your doggie came to comfort you!! (Last picture)

Martie said...

You have made me laugh. You also made me know you are a true blogger at heart! (Who else would be taking pictures during this crisis?!)


Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh Becky!

Poor Georgia, but thank you for your willingness to be real! hee hee

Love Ya!