Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do You know Deena?

Deena is a special lady who is celebrating
a birthday today.

I hope you'll stop by and leave her a happy birthday wish.

You'll find her at Can I be Pretty in Pink?

Deena is in the midst of chemotherapy and has noticed that
it is effecting her ability to think clearly and yet
she still offering her thankful list each day that she posts.

My friend, Ruth, who is a long time survivor of breast cancer
has often chuckled at the effect the chemo had on herself and
others she meets with regularly who have been through this

I think that it is good for current cancer warriors and survivors
to chat and realize that there is validity to just about every step
of the process and those feelings that are a very important part
of what must take place to get to the other side.

I speak only as an observer, at this point. Having never had cancer.

Anyway...little tangent there...stop by and see Deena if you have
a chance. I know you'll love her!


Alicia said...

Hi Becky, I went over to wish her a happy birthday. I know what she means by not being able to think clearly, my mom was the same way, and actually still is unfortunately, from the chemo. When I opened up her blog, tears rolled down my face for me. It took me back to what my mom was going through and how I felt. Oh man the memories are still so real and fragile for me. Another reminder of how life is. Thanks for this, I will definitely be visiting her often, she already has a special spot in my heart.

Alicia said...

you have been tagged! Check out my blog!

lady jane said...

Good morning, and thank you for letting us know about Deena's birthday. I'll pop over there after this post.

About the pizza and ice cream run....how fun! You shoulda thrown in some serious TP'ing in the mix. ;o)