Monday, April 28, 2008

Meet One of My Heroes

Hero...I do not use this term lightly.

There are not a lot of people in our
governmental system that earn this title
from me. However, this man had my attention
from the beginning one hot day last year when
a group of us were invited to a Q&A session with
him at the Supreme Court.

I had not studied Antonin Scalia and went in
with no preconcieved notions but I found him to be
sure of himself,
focused on the Constitution,
gruff~in an endearing kind of way
and my opinion, on the subject of the Constitution.

I have so wished to share the experience that so
impacted my political life...
This is as close as I can come.

This may be the one of the few times I thank
60 Minutes for the way they handle an interview.

I do not like some of the decisions written
by Justice Scalia, but you will see that
he doesn't either. It is not his job to insert
his personal preferences into the decisions he
writes, he is to interpret the constitution.
Not use his position as Supreme Court Justice to
re-write the law.

Now, if we could get Judges all over this Country
to understand this!!!

We need more like this...

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About the Man: