Saturday, April 12, 2008

Answered Prayer

This has been a week filled with the
direct knowledge that God has been
in the doctor's offices with me.

To catch any new readers up...
I have a couple of cysts in my
abdomen that are causing significant
pain. The theory is that there is
scar tissue from a previous post
surgical infection that is holding
an ovarian cyst, ovary and bowel all

I will be having surgery to resolve
it. This brings me to yesterday's
answered prayer.

I was struggling with allowing the same surgeon
that did the initial two surgeries to operate on
me again. I do not hate him. I don't know
that he did anything wrong.
I was just uncomfortable.

So, I asked for a second opinion.
This is very hard for a "pleaser" like
me to do. But, when you feel strongly...

Anyway, a friend has just started working for
a gyno surgeon. He has a great reputation!
She got me in to see him. She had the whole
office primed for my visit...even the doctor.

They were so wonderful. Even the nurse that
seated me in the room had just had surgery performed by
this doctor and could not say enough good things
about him.

My friend, Marie, was so funny. She said every time
she passed by my door while I was with the doctor she
would touch the door and pray that the doctor would
have more wisdom than he even knew he needed!

One thing that I felt prompted to do yesterday
before I went in was to type up a narrative of
my health history. It is getting complicated.
It really helped.
Sometimes a test result does not reflect the whole
story and this was the case here.
The doctor told me that when he saw the result
of the ultrasound he could not understand why
anyone would recommend surgery...then he saw
my history and his opinion changed. After the
physical exam he is very convinced that I am out
of other options.
I am so glad that I typed that narrative.
I recommend that if you haven't already done this,
you would be wise to have one on hand for
yourself that you could print out and take
along every time you see a doctor.

Having dates and test results handy is a very
good idea for those times when you are not
thinking clearly or are in pain.

I am very comfortable now to go ahead with the surgery.
Nervous about various aspects...but ready to get it done.

It will have to wait until the beginning of May because of
other tests that have to be completed, but I have been dealing
with this pain since January. Hopefully with the pain pills
I'll be able to get through until then. He is willing to
do it sooner if I just can't tolerate the pain.

Your prayers were felt, my dear friends.

I'll be asking for more.

The pain has doubled since his exam...I am hoping that it
will settle back down very soon. I am just about useless
at this point.

This is beginning to seem like a medical journal.
I really don't want to do that but you really seemed to care.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Wonderful news Becky!

jane said...

The Lord led you to the doctor of His choice, that's clear! Praise God!

I'm holding you up in prayer, dear friend, and holding you close in my heart. <><

Anonymous said...

You know Becky that the Lord will walk through this with you!!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Aww Becky, i'll be praying that the pain goes away and that you'll be able to make it until the surgury without too much pain and that this will be the end of it.
Wow, that's a long timet to be hurting.

Alicia said...

I am so very sorry for all this pain! Sometimes we just dont understand it all but at the end there will be joy, God promises! I am so happy you will be able to have surgery as well. I pray that they pain will be manageable till then for you!