Friday, April 4, 2008


If there are ten areas in which I procrastinate...
and there most likely are...
Paperwork has to be the biggest one.

I have a stack of little things that
have been piling up on my desk and
in my "inbox".

Today is the appointed day.
Since 4:30 AM I tossed and turned
thinking about these things...
why...oh I do this to myself?

So 5:30 AM found me at the desk, going through
files to find all of the information to complete
various forms to send to various places.

I need a secretary!

Someone who loves paperwork...

Just let me hang out with "the people"
and change their financial futures...

Someone else handle this stuff!

An area of weakness that I am working on...

Have a great day. Mine is looking up
now that these things are nearly completed.


jack & kara's mom said...

Good morning, Becky... I hope you have a great day. Hats off to you for pulling yourself out of bed to get a jump start on the day!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I just said to Tim on Wednesday that I need a secretary! I am with you - I love the people, the creativity, but the is not hard, I just seem to wait forever to get to it! I know that there are those out there who just thrive on it, I am sure there is a support group out there for you all! hee hee!

Have a wonderful day, girl!

Anonymous said...

Paperwork. If it has printing on it this keeps men like my husband and Mr. Rabe in business....SO...paperwork as in coupons and magazines etc. are a must in every household. Buy more, it helps us pay Our bills!!! Right Mrs. Rabe????? hee hee

Alicia said...

paper work....oh dear! It does pile up!!! Glad to hear you got through it!!! Sometimes its just better to get it done with like you did instead of losing sleep over it non stop!!! :)