Thursday, April 24, 2008

Outdoor Classroom

We needed to be outside yesterday, truly!

I could not stand doing school in the living room when the weather was so perfect.
I hate summer's heat and humidity and I am not crazy about the cold weather so there are very few days that fall under the classification of perfect but yesterday was one of those. Today is shaping up to be another. With notebooks in the kid's hands and a camera in mine we headed outdoors to document each flower, perrenial, bug, moving thing, blade of grass...ok you get the point. When we had sketched everything possible we,(I), were,(was), not ready to come in yet so I sent them for their reading books. Mikey climbed up on the deck fencing to read. I took a picture but cannot figure out what file I placed it in...arrgghh. At first he thought he would get up on the roof....but I put a stop to that very quickly.

Remember my post about planting spring bulbs together in a container? This is the beginnings of the result of that experiment. I wish I had put mulch on the top. Looking at this picture I think I might just do that. I should have things blooming in here for at least another month.

Some other flowers or plants around the yard and deck.

It seems so early for some of the perrenials that are greening up. I am very thankful and enjoying them so much!
Have a Great Day!


SweetAnnee said...

I was outside too
it was marvy!!
got a tad too much


SweetAnnee said...

Your hostas and astilbe are up LOTS taller than mine

Anonymous said...

My favorite tulips look good with the white kittie behind them!!

Alicia said...

YAY for springtime flowers!!