Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meet Flat Breanna

My friend, Shelley, sent this to me.

Flat Breanna came from a 5th grade class in
California. I am going to gather some interesting
information from Lancaster County, PA to send to
the class.

The purpose of Flat Breanna is to gather
interesting facts about various places
so the class can find them on the map
and do an interesting geography study.

I am posting this is because
Flat Breanna did not have the opportunity
to visit many people and so I was wondering...
Would You say Hello to Flat Breanna and tell
her what State or Country you are in?

I will print out the comments and send them back to
the class.



Anonymous said...

Hi Breanna!! I am in California where you call home! I live in the Southern, coastal region of Los Angeles Co.

Alicia said...

Hi Breanna! I like in sunny California, like you! I live right by the beach!

Becky---My sister had to do this also, she sent it to our cousins in New York at the time, such a cute idea! Way to make teaching fun!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Hi Breanna! I am in Pennsylvania!
We have similar names. My name is Deanna.

daisy said...

Hi Breanna,

I live in Minnesota, where it can be seventy degrees one day, and it can snow three inches the next day! But spring is finally coming because the robins are back and the crocuses are blooming. Hooray!