Wednesday, April 2, 2008



Glad you are here.

Please give me a minute while I
take my head out of the sand!

Man, how long have I been stuck in there?

As I have visited blogs,
I have thought some...who shall
remain nameless...
were a bit "over the top"
in their desires to tell
how to serve and honor
their husbands.

I thought it was
a given that when I got married
my husband deserved my respect and
a reasonable effort at pleasing him.

I have areas where I struggle here...
I may share them someday, but that is
not the point of this post.

Over the last couple of days I have been
amazed at the number of acquaintances I
have spoken with who really are not
honoring their husbands or giving them the
respect that they deserve.
I don't believe the people who inspired this
"little rant"
read my blog so I am not targeting
anyone directly, I promise!!!

I cannot believe that I am typing this post!


My heart is just aching for the relationships that
"could be".

Simple things:

A welcoming attitude - Be glad to see him!

Knowing those little things that are
important to him and doing them

Praying for him.

Taking time out with him, alone.

Sharing your heart with him.

Letting him know you love him.

Teaching your children to honor him.

Recognizing his work as a provider.

Listening to him intentionally.

These simple steps can go so far to improve your
life and your marriage. I am probably speaking
to the choir. Most of the people who read my
blog have been saying these same things on theirs
for a while now...I have seen it modeled my whole life by
my Mom, who is a great role model and one of my
dearest friends.
I know not everyone is so blessed as to have the
example from your upbringing.

If you are not making a purposeful effort to
honor and respect your husband, I challenge you
to start today. The rewards are great!

It is so easy to fall into a pattern of
just living together and passing through
the challenges of parenting, making a living,
dealing with losses, being involved in a

Your relationship just kind of gets
Guilty ~ On some counts.
However, I have never knowingly lost the
honor and respect for my husband that I
am hearing about
and observing over the
last week.


It is not that hard!

With trepidation and a humbled heart I am
going to push the publish post button now.

Have a great day!


daisy said...

Thanks for your comment! Every time I feel like I'm totally whacking out, you come along and make me feel so much better. I appreciate you. :)

And I did sleep well, and wake up with a much better attitude.

I totally agree with your post here, Becky. Although I have also been guilty of taking our relationship for granted at times, I think that respect goes SUCH a long way.

Even though we don't always agree, I try to deal with those situations with him and not by bad-mouthing him to everyone else I know. Men have a deep-down need for much as women need romance and relationship in their lives. I think it's right up there along with air to breathe.

Thanks for your insights.

Ellen said...

And yet she does it again!!!!! She has me looking at things in a different perspective. THANK YOU!!!! I will make a conscience effort toward my husband today.In hopes that it does not only bless him, but it blesses me many times over.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Becky! I am totally with you on this one...such a great post! Most people can only scratch their heads after the fact and wonder what went wrong....

I am having a 200th post giveaway on Friday so make sure you stop by then...

Mrs. Rabe said...

Great post Becky. So, so true.

My heart too, is breaking. I have heard much in the last few days.

Such small things, would make a huge difference!

jane said...

Even if you're speaking to the choir (of which I'm a member of) the gentle (or not so gentle, as needed) reminder of how to respect and care for our dear husbands, is necessary.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how many woman and even Christian women bash their husbands. I am aways shocked because I love my husband so much and cannot even fathom doing this. So much disrespect for these men who thrive on encouragement and respect!!

Great reminder Becky.

Ephesians 5:33
However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband

Alicia said...

Respect sums it all up Becky! Great post, I also cant understand why some women treat their husbands so terribly. They need to honor and respect and to know that you appreciate them and are proud of them. I strive to tell my husband how proud of him I am. Simple words can say so much to them. I once heard that it takes one negative remark to tear down five praises. I always have this on my mind with everyone I run across, and oh how it is so true. God gave us husbands so that we can be their helpmate and to support and love them. They are a TRUE gift from God. I will say its of course not always easy, but it something I strive to do, I/we am/are called to be the BEST wife/wives that we/I can be!! I love this post!