Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As we drove to Baltimore yesterday the views were
simply stunning! It would seem that every tree that
could flower had loaded itself up with as many blossoms
as would ever possibly fit on every branch.

We saw Peach Orchards that were just so delicately
pink...all pruned to perfection...neat little rows
of beauty!

The grass is so green! We stared at a horse farm with
black or dark brown fencing that was simply stunning
against the green of the grass. The horses looked
so leisurely and graceful as they nibbled
on the fresh abundance.

We saw places just loaded with daffodils...even in the
median of the highway...at one point...thousands of

I love seeing the leaves magically "appear" on the trees.
That once a year shade of happy green. That color that
says, "Hello, world, we are back!"

To see that blended against the burgundies, whites and pinks
is more beautiful, to me, than any fourth of July fireworks
celebration. I feel like I could just sit and look for the
longest time at the different textures and shades of color.

Around here we are seeing Spring, as well. The weeping
cherry trees are flaunting their stuff. So graceful and
symmetrical. I could just stare...but I wonder what the
owners would think...so I keep driving. I might just
stop quickly and capture a photo of one of these trees.
Just lovely!

My astilbe are coming up and the leaves are starting
to freshen up on the roses. All around us things are
returning to life. Almost as quickly as it happened
in the Narnia Movie.
Not quite, but almost.


Tracy said...

Lovely spring...It's supposed to be spring here in Norway too, but where is it?? It's been chilly and rainy...So in the meantime it's been wonderful to read/see what's happening with spring around the northern hemisphere! Happy week soaking up spring! ((HUGS))

Elijah's Mommy said...

Oh I love daffodils!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I am enjoying the spring loveliness as well, Becky!

Our Cleveland Pear is in full bloom and my lilac is going to burst forth with many blooms this year as well! The peonies are up and will bloom next month! I can hardly contain the joy that it gives me to see all of this beauty.

It makes me think that the Creator must have had a blast, when He was creating it all!!!

SweetAnnee said...

yes yes and yes..
it's here too
loving it!!