Thursday, April 3, 2008


Two posts today...

I forgot to tell you the
funniest things that happened

I don't even know why I think they
were funny...truly.
They just cracked me up!

We had a crazy agenda yesterday that
involved us leaving at a certain time
to get Mikey to work, Chelsea to a Co-op
swim event and Jonathan and I out to spend
his birthday money and just hang out
together. At the same time we remembered
that we were responsible to get Mom's dog,
Bear, out since she was at work.

Mikey took our dogs out...Jonathan headed for
Mom's after placing his very full CD case on
the top of the van because the doors were locked.

Our dog, Kimmy, took off after Jonathan and we
ran out of time. So, I had Mikey get Chloe into
her crate and he and I jumped in the van figuring
I would just come back for the other two and all
would be well.

As I backed out of the driveway I saw something
pass by the window as if it were falling from the
top of the van. I commented on it and Mikey
casually said, "Oh, that was Jonathan's CD case."
Just about that time...
I ran over the whole thing!!!

Now Mikey wasn't casual anymore as he said
" And you just RAN OVER IT!"

You have to understand that Jonathan is nearly
always attached to a music source. He loves it!
This was bad. I was picturing little CD shards.
Many, many sad little pieces!

Mikey jumped out and gathered everything up off the road.
We were in such a hurry to get him to work that we never
looked at the condition of the case or the CD's.

Upon returning from the drop off, Jonathan and Chelsea
hop into the van and it is confession time.

Me: Uh, Jonathan?

Him: Yeah?

Me: I ran over your music...

Him: What?!?

Me: I didn't mean to! It was on top of the van.

At this point he slammed the door harder than he intended
to and the rear view mirror fell from its place and onto
the floor.

I don't know why but I began laughing hysterically.
Laughing and laughing.

He was so upset.
I don't blame him!

We had to change to a different vehicle.
I NEED that mirror.
I proved that later when I was switching
the cars around in the driveway and backed the
van into the car because "objects in those side
mirrors are closer than they appear!"

I need the rear view mirror.
There was no damage to either vehicle!
Thank the Lord!
Just after I had written a post about
relationships with our husbands.
That would have been
a negative...I think!

As we drove to complete our
mission poor Jonathan was inspecting
the damage done to his CD Case and CD's.
Amazingly, Most of it is ok. There were
some losses and his case will never be the

What really struck me was how he beat himself
up over leaving it on the top of the van.

In older days...he would have blamed me for
pulling out of the driveway when he wasn't
ready. Hmmm....Me thinks he is growing up!


We will be having a Memorial Service for the
fallen CD's any minute now...not!
I would not be able to stop giggling...
and it is not that funny!

What is wrong with me?????

I think it is this crazy thing called life!

The day did not stop there... but this post
is too long already.

I drowned my sorrow over the CD losses and
detached mirror over green tea, broccoli cheddar soup
and a half a sandwich at Panera Bread...while
Jonathan spent his birthday cash at Target.

We are feeling much better now.

A therapist would find so much cash potential
in this silly post.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh, sometimes you have gotta laugh or you will be crying!!!!!!

I have so many crazy days like that, it is nice to hear that it is not just my family!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you didn't leave the baby on top. I have heard of that!!!

Well, there is always ITUNES!!!

daisy said...

I love it. Sounds like some of my days, Becky. Sometimes all you can do is burst out laughing. It'll kill you keeping it in, and it's probably better if you do laugh. I guess there's a reason they call laughter "the best medicine."

Happy Friday!

Sharon said...

What a day! If you didn't laugh, you'd probably cry. Tomorrow morning is a new day with no mistakes!