Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Date with a Surgeon

He is a fine looking man...
but that is not why I will be
having a date with him.

My family would "frown" on that.

Nope, I am going back under the knife
in an attempt to carefully remove an
ovary and cyst, while removing the
scar tissue that seems to be holding
all of that to the bowel.

I hope I make it to my mid-May date.
It is hurting very badly this morning.
Differently than before.

My friend, Marie, works in that Doctor's
office. This Doctor knows that I know her
and that I do not mind if he talks to her
about me. He told her that it looks like
it will be "involved". This does not contradict
what he told me but it was a bit revealing about what
he expects to find.

So...I told you I would likely ask for
more prayers about this...I'm asking!

Georgia's Water:

Still don't have a solution for that one!
Thankfully we are next door and her house
is temporarily piggybacked to our well.
We are carrying drinking water,
just to be on the safe side,
since the hoses we are using were not super

We need to talk to our neighbor, who knows
everyone and see if we can get him to refer
us to someone with a backhoe.

Hope you have a great day!

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lady jane said...

((( you )))

praying. yes. indeed. specifically.