Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What did I do today?

I feel as if I got nothing done today so I think I'll blog out loud to see if that feels better:
1. I saw my dear husband off on his day.
2. Grabbed a quick shower.
3. Read some e-mail and blogs.
4. Spent some time preparing for our one
and only Craft Show this
Season. We are loving just filling
orders and taking custom jobs! This
show should be fun, though.
5. Took the dogs out and ran into Mom
and her dog on their morning
walk. Found out that Mom is still
in pain from a fall she took recently
in her back yard and so will
be seeing the Doctor today.
6. Did my hair and face...
at this point I am actually coming alive.
7. Put a huge load of towels into the washer.
8. Put a load of laundry away.
9. Rallied the troops for school.
10. Gave first assignments and grabbed
a bowl of cereal for myself.
11. Sat with Chelsea for math
...she is insecure in this subject
but actually
did very well.
12. Corrected Mikey's math work.
He had a good day here too.
13. Offered spelling words in the form of
sentence dictation. I know my
kids are probably too old for this but
when they start to spell like they
are too old for it I'll quit! lol
14. Grabbed Jonathan for out loud
reading together from Airborn.
15. On to History...we spent a long
time on History today. We are
studying Early Egypt. We began with
Diana Waring's take on the
geological proofs pointing to timelines
and evidence of the Hebrew
Slaves in Egypt.
Then moved into an
oversized Library book on
Historical Excavations...
not written specifically from a Biblical
perspective, but dovetailed well
with the information we gleaned from
Diana Waring. Finally,
The Mystery of History text to tie it all
16. Time for Mikey's lunch so he can go to work.
17. Took Mikey to work.
18. Came home and picked up items for errands...
I just ran out of time
before taking Mikey.
19. Stopped at Mom's to show her fabric
and pattern for a new skirt for
Chelsea. They will make it together.
It is beautiful. Found out she
made that appointment for the
doctor and would be going this
20. Went to Auto Parts store to pick
up Wiper Blade Motor - to replace
the one that left me sitting by the road for
1.5 hours...not that anyone
was counting.
21. Went to put gas in the car
...lunch hopped in the car
Ciabata sandwich! It came with a
"free" Snickers and a Coke. A kid
got the Coke
but not the Snickers.
22. Came home - checked blogs and e-mails.
Sent an e-mail to a dear
friend who has a lot happening in her life right now.
23. Took the dogs out again.
24. Talked to another friend on the
phone for a half hour. We don't talk
often. She and I shared ideas
for getting the Dads involved with the
children in daily life or
just relationship building ways.
example: Warren takes one of our
children to breakfast each Sunday
Morning for one on one time.
I love it and they do too!
25. Time to pick up Mikey.
Got a Mum for Mom while I was there. We
have important company coming in tomorrow,
(my Grandma,
Aunt ,Uncle and Cousin), and we must
make sure our homes are
ready. She has just the
perfect spot for a mum, I guess.
26. Read and processed the mail...really!
Does it seem to you that each
home almost needs a secretary to deal
with the paperwork that
floods in daily?
27. Spent time readying the kitchen,
living room and bathroom for the
evening's activities of Youth Group
at our house. We will be off at
church practicing music for
Sunday while the Youth Leaders and
teens are here.
28. Began setting the picnic table...
we will be enjoying our meal
outdoors this evening.
29. Speaking of our evening meal...gotta run...
I've already thought of some things I I guess it wasn't a total loss of a day.


the feathered nest said...

Gee, looks like a pretty full day to me! It's good to do a listing like this so you can see how much stuff actually happens in a day where you might feel you did "nothing"!


Becky K. said...

Thanks Manuela...
It was nice of you to take the time to come over with all you have going on at your home.