Friday, October 12, 2007

Like water off a duck's back...

This photo is of a picture taken by my Uncle Chuck Sutley many years ago and was a gift to us. It now hangs in our office/shop combo room over the computer.
So as I am sitting here pondering which simply inspired thought to share today (giggle) I look up and ... you guessed it...
Thank you, Uncle Chuck, for the inspiration for today's post...:-)
I was reading over at Gathering of Friends today

(see the link in sidebar)

and was prompted to think about

what I obsess over.

It is the need to constantly review

every conversation and rethink

everything I have said to find a way

to wonder how someone took

what was said.

Could I have inadvertantly

hurt someone's feelings?

Did they understand what I was

really trying to say?

You see...

my poor husband is so tired

of this horrible trait that I

have made a new resolution!

I "know", in my head, that to think

that everyone I talk to is sitting

around thinking about me after

I leave is absolutely nuts.

Do I critique their every word?

Of course not!

So, why then, do I think that they are

doing this to my every word?

...Guess it must be insecurity.

Well, I am a daughter of God and

as such am not in the business of

going around offending people purposely. of today...

my own words are going to roll

off my own tired brain like

"water off a duck's back".

There are more important

things to focus on...



Miss Paula said...

What a great analogy! Thanks Uncle Chuck!!

I must meet you when I come back there. You share thoughts that I have been there done that, a lot!!

I think it would be insecurity. I am worried if I said the right thing and how will they accept me. If I am saying something and it is with a right attitude and with a sincere heart I need not beat myself up to wonder what "they" will think. If I am right with God and have peace in my heart then I need to let it go and move on. Satan wants us to mull it over and doubt ourselves and God and to "obsess" over whatever I said.

I have appreciated the topics this week on my heart, and Mrs. Rabe's and yours. This helps us to remember who really is in charge and maybe be accountable to a friend!!

Blessings Becky!

Miss Paula said...

Check out my Blog you won an award!

Becky K. said...

Wow! Thank you so much!
It has been an interesting week...Glad we could share from our experiences together.
Becky K.

KJ said...

Hi Becky K! It is so nice to meet you! I was referred to you by Feathered Nest. I appreciate your transparency! It is refreshing!

I am almost 50 and I have reached a point where I don't feel the need to apologize for who I am. If I mess up, yes, I apologize. However, God is not apologizing for making me and I need to be bold enough to live it out. The more the Word of God becomes a part of me, the more I know who I am in Him and who He is in me!

We don't make much progress when we are constantly reviewing our steps. I know this first hand. I have found that when I'm sensitive to the Holy Spirit, He will reveal what needs my attention.

It sounds like you are engaging in a healthy examination of these things and stepping into a new boldness!

In Christ, KJ

daisyaday said...

I think you're definitely on the right track. People generally accept you as you are. My daughter tells me that my "me button" is too large when I start to do this! It's a good metaphor for me.