Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boys vs. Girls Parties

Tonight is the birthday sleepover for our middle son, Mikey. Yes, his birthday was on the 6th but in order for all things to work out to his liking this was our best opportunity. You see, this boy's party needed to begin at the skate park. He is quite good at skateboarding and truly looks forward to this each year since we stumbled on to it as a party idea a few years ago...Our County skate park is free! We brought two friends back for a sleepover. I am marveling at the contrast and similarities between a boys sleepover and a girls.

Boys: Did you know that milk comes out of their noses if they laugh at the table?
Girls: Eat daintily and giggle a lot...not the kind to cause the nose traumas.

Boys: Huddle together in the bedroom and stare and yell at the game system that
they are actively using...for a very long time.
Girls: Are carefully spaced around the picnic table slyly glancing at each others
crafts as they create objects of beauty.

Boys: Wait until it would be the proper time to head to bed and then put in a very
loud smash 'em up movie...does this help them stay awake to play more games?
Girls: Put on thier pretty jammies and make up their own comfy sleeping bags and
then giggle quietly as they watch a sleepy Finding Nemo...for

Boys: Make up their own party games, don't need birthday cake(chocolate popsicles
are better), Pinata? Who needs that...unless it is at their sister's party
and they need to impress her friends.
Girls: Love a party planner and coordinator who handles the things like the pinata,
the cake, food and games.

Yes, indeed, they are created differently.

NOTE to self - cause no laughter at breakfast and possibly avoid another gross nose event.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Very funny stuff, Becky!

How true, the contrast between boys and girls sleepovers! Of course now Mikey is a young man. Scary how quickly that happens...

Have a great day!

Terri and Bob said...

Such a cute post! I have actually seen the milk through the nose at lunch (i work at a school!) and it is quite unpleasant to see. What great memories, though!

Debbie said...

It is very funny you should write about this... as I am typing we have 4 girls over for my daughters birthday party! They sat very nicely for the two craft projects, enjoyed the cake with an impromptu game of "telephone" and now they are playing hide and seek. My daughter has been her own baker for her cake(mostly) and party planner. I am not sure how the sleeping part will play out, but I can imagine there will be lots of giggles and talking way to late.

Becky K. said...

I love it that Chelsea now plans her parties too...but, I still get to drive her all over town for her ideas and I do love to bake and decorate her cake. We collaborate on craft ideas...
It is funny that you had a houseful of girls when you wrote , did that go?